24 May 2011

Daily meditation - 8 of coins

8 of coins: "creative service"

Making some useful, tangible thing is very satisfying.

I love that "tinker fairy" idea and energy. It is a kind of magic to take a bunch of string and turn it into a sweater, or boards and make a chair. It is skill and logic and learned things, yes. But it also echoes spiritual ideas like manifestation, co-creation. It has echoes of those hard-to-grasp quantum ideas of collapsing probability waves and Schroedinger's cat...drawing something out of nothing ...making mass from energy through intention. Making stuff is a wonderful thing. Even if it is pouring a glass of water or making a sandwich for yourself, done with mindfulness and intention and wonder and connected-ness to the universe - even the simple mundane things can be made miraculous with just a little thought and attention.

May you make something, and may it make you feel happy in return for your creative service.



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