14 April 2011

How often should I get a psychic or tarot reading?

Q. How often should I get readings?

A. When clients ask this, I always say it is up to each individual to decide that for themselves, with one caution...too many is usually more detrimental than too few.

The 7 of cups speaks to this when it talks about delusion. Connect that to the idea of projecting expectations onto a reading instead of listening to what the reading has to say, and you get the general reason why this is so.

It is said that the essence of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. The insanity in psychic readings comes when you do the same thing over and over and DO get different outcomes. Getting lots of readings about one question can lead to confusion, and many times can feed the delusion that brings you there to begin with.

If you keep asking the same question...the answer isn't as important as WHY you can't/won't let it go. WHY, if you can't accept the answer, did you want a reading in the first place? Why not just trust your own instincts? What if all the readings you get keep giving different answers? Which one do you believe? Why do you trust one persons reading and not another?

Is it because they are really more trustworthy or is just because they finally told you the only answer you were willing to hear all along? If you aren't willing to hear the lessons in those other readings, why did you get them?

True enough, sometimes a reading will be totally off, totally wrong, and make us recoil from a certain idea...then, like a traffic warning sign, that shows us where NOT to go, and is the direction we needed. Case closed.

True enough, readings are just snapshots in time, not predictors of enevitable fate...so if a situation is dynamic and changing, the readings will change in time right along with the situation. This is to be expected, but it also adds to confusion instead of adding clarity to a complex or changing situation.

True enough, sometimes it takes a succession of readings or a variety of readers that you disagree with to really teach you to trust your own instincts of what rings true and what doesn't...but there is an element of risk in learning that way. The risk is getting caught up in your own delusion, of persisting in an untrue belief, even if you know it is the wrong path, and just shopping around for someone to back you up on what you want to believe, not what actually IS.

One of the arguments against psychic readings and other forms of energy healing is that it promotes dependency...that it encourages the individual to rely on the reader / practitioner. That may be true in some cases...I've had clients new to the area say they will be "loyal" and come for "regular" readings, like they did with the psychics they saw in other cities.

As much as I would like the cash flow, I tell them no, just follow their own instincts about when they need a reading and when they don't. I don't think this kind of work encourages dependence when done properly. An ETHICAL psychic or an ETHICAL reiki practitioner or what have you, someone who really wants to HELP would strive to empower the ones they work with. To make other people un-necessarily. A good psychic, in a way, is like a good parent...you help when it is needed, sometimes when it isn't, but one of the things you teach is self-sufficiency.

So pick up your jacket, turn off the lights when you leave a room and close the refrigerator door already.

Don't flounder or feel alone...get a reading when you need one, certainly. But don't get another until you have fully digested the first. It's back to the mom thing...eat your vegetables THEN you can have dessert. Learn all you can from one reading, give it some time to unfold, then if you still need some guidance, try again.

This will help you avoid the pitfall of 'beating a dead horse' as the old adage goes. If you get focused on one answer, only accept what you want to hear, get locked up in one place instead of growing and learning...well, the learning isn't going to get easier by doing that. The lesson will be heard. Steps will make themselves be taken...the universe will put the gift of learning in front of you to stumble over until you open that gift.

Listen, learn, follow your heart...and the exactly right number of readings will happen.



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