30 March 2011

Daily meditation - The World

Success is one of those topics with more double edged swords than a ninja's shurikan

What is it about success that gets so tied up with the "world's" idea of success...so much so that the world card is tied to the idea of material wealth sometimes.

While it is good, and I'll take all the "energy exchange"for my work I can get to feed my taste for sushi and good food...ha! bet you thought I was going to say something fancy...

But just like times this card has come up before, the song remains the same...

Success is as we each define it for ourselves. No one can define it for us. I still think contentment is one of the greatest riches we can posses. As I see it, the wealth of the world can be found in a healthy family, a quiet neighborhood, a fuel effiecient car and an occasional diversion like a concert or a trip to the museum or platter of well made sushi.

Even when defined in modest terms, why is it some people get a little thrill of fear or uncertainty when on the brink of success? Why do some people sabotage themselves at that point?

Change ... and success does often entail change...may be just that intimidating. It may require pulling skills and courage out that we aren't totally sure we have.

Maybe it is a fear of unknown or unforeseen consequences (like wanting to win the lottery, but not thinking about how to pay the taxes, things like that) It might be plain old fear of the unknown.

I don't know what every reason may be, but if the World card comes to you, then think of the successes you have had, plus those you aspire to have. If it feels like a good omen, a promise of good things to some...may it be so. As a man thinketh, so shall it be, as it is said.

I do know that gratitude has to figure in it somewhere...perhaps even just appreciation of what we have, and the opportunity to possibly maybe achieve our dreams is a sort of gratitude.

Even though it doesn't make a plug nickel...the time it takes to write far, far outweighs the tiny royalties from Kindle...I am grateful for the chance to blog, and even more grateful to you who read it and subscribe through kindle...

If this blog helps, inspires, or sparks an idea for even one person, I count it a success.



Thank you for helping to make it so.

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