08 March 2011

Daily meditation - ace of coins - 8 March 2011

This card resonates with that old adage "action speaks louder than words".

Coins cards tend to be a bit physical - plain, and tend to turn up in readings about career and wealth and prosperity.

Yet "greatness" is a very abstract idea. Many of the qualities we associated with "greatness" are intangibles...generosity, leadership, compassion, integrity, fairness and so many more.

Would we value such things as much if they weren't tied to actions?

If this card speaks to you today, let your light shine, let your greatness show through actions. As Ghandi so famously said "Be the change you want to see in the world". Or be, as Jon Stewart said of Rand Paul, the "walkiest of the talkers"

Think of the opposite. A disingenuous, false-faced, emotionally dishonest, believe one thing while you say and do something entirely else...its a very painful, self-loathing unhappy way to live. Walking your talk, living your true beliefs is very liberating. If your beliefs and true feelings are in a calm, compassionate, middle place ("a tamed mind brings happiness") then walking your talk is a happy liberation to boot.

Combine all of that with the real-world-ness of the suite of coins...then all of this begins to resonate with the idea of manifestation, of like attracts like...if you are happy, genuine, honest with yourself and others...then you likely begin to attract the same sort of people to you.

May this be a day of freedom, happiness, and walk-i-ness.



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