14 February 2011

No one reading fits every person.

I drew today's meditation card with the intent that it help the most people as possible today. Loving, feeling loved, the pain of the loss of love...all universal human experiences. Beyond that, the details are what really changes from person to person. The who, where, when, why are, in a way, secondary.

Hopefully this will be an idea that you find helpful. Just for today, let the message flow to those who need it the most. If the message doesn't fit you, please send thoughts of support to those who might need a little solidarity.

Love is universal. No matter how you label it...romance, family, platonic, or hedonistic enthusiasm ( I love cheesecake ;) the real heart (pun intended) of the matter is that we care. We have compassion. We love. We are human.

Today's card:

2 of wands, "actionless action"...

So many times we think of "finding" love. Love fills the universe. We don't have to do a thing. Be part of it...radiate it...and love, in turn will find you.

Obsessing about what someone else is thinking, wanting to predict what they will do, wanting to know with certainty whether or not you'll wind up together...that kind of fear and worry sometimes has the opposite effect from what you want.

Think of it as "yin power" or "power of attraction" ... send your love out to the one you love. If you know who that is, more the better. If you don't know who that love is yet...send it anyway with the invitation to walk into your life. Always love and compassion, never fear or obsession.

You don't have to find love, track it down like a deer in your gunsights...stand, give it and it reflects back, like shining a light in a mirror.

Wishing you love, today and always.


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