31 December 2010

Arc of History

I've always liked that phrase "the arc of history". How will we bend that arc? How will we be remembered. Building a home for destiny seems more important than predicting what that destiny will be.

I was planning on doing a 2011 "four seasons reading" for you all. But then, in my e-mail this morning, was a note from a local newspaper reporter. In answering that, some ideas came to mind, so I'll just roll with that. It feels right, and seems what I should do to serve the highest and best right now...and after all, that is what intuition is all about, right? Following the subtleties rather than logical form to make good choices and create a bright future, yes?

Here are some thoughts that came through as I wrote to the reporter (thanks again for contacting me, Rick, if you are reading this).

On a local level: the city council has the energy more than the mayor and are closer to the right decision for the city pension plan.

There is the possibility of a return of tech manufacturing...something electronic, silicone based. Real goods, but high tech, perhaps green energy related, perhaps located in the Mon Valley side of town. Something with glass panels like a solar panel maybe.

We're off the hook for Snowmageddon locally...more days like today, rainy and warm here in the 'burgh. But that isn't my idea...I'm just agreeing with the weather channel, really.

January feels quiet, peaceful, but something happens around Mardi Gras. Has a surprising feel, but positive. Not a disaster, but almost like a windfall, a good surprise. That may be both local and national...as I write this, DC and the capital building come to mind. Definitely close to or related to Mardi Gras, I can almost TASTE the donuts! (mmmmm - paczki day).

There was a flash of something about a "celebrity" wedding, connected with the color red...the mental image of red glassware and napkins etc on a crisp white table cloth. Felt very celebrity-gossipy-fluff-nothing, but interesting to people who are in to that kind of thing.

GOAL! (I'm listening to the alumni game at the winter classic as I write this. Yes, psychics can multitask. I did a three card just-for-fun reading that didn't look too promising for the alumni game. I would LOVE it if they prove me WRONG on that one! GO PENS!!)

K...back to business.

The Gulf of Mexico will be back in the news...the mental image is of a black area in the water. More fallout from the deep water horizon...anoxic zones, deep water fallout, wildlife struggling...not from oil coating, but from baseline ecosystem damage....at the level of plankton and building up through the food chain. The mental image is of dark water, like a peat lake or muddy pond...no oxygen, lots of tannins, feeling of decay. There is a mental image of a large black tube or pipe, bubbling air down through the water like a giant aquarium. That isn't to say that is the answer...maybe it is, I don't know...but it may be a symbolic way of showing the problem. Ocean wildlife will be a concern, and a rallying point for many of us...especially around spring and summer.

I get the feeling that things will go well for the Obama adminstration: people will begin to see what he has done and again see what is possible "he will have earned his Nobel prize" is the feeling. Americans, real, grass roots population will rally behind him..."have his back" against dark forces...more of a domestic threat than international issues. There is a black way, a dark and wrong possible future...only the voices of ordinary people can push it back, and choose the brighter way. "Don't be fooled again" is the message.

Again with the donuts..."fun and food and celebration" is the feeling here, as if that may be a theme through the first 3/4 of the year. Beyond that, the final quarter of the year feels more somber and serious, or at least a return to calm.

That is all of the unstructured impressions that come through.

Let's look at that four seasons set of cards after all. Remember...this isn't a prediction, but more food for thought as you make your choices. It is about the tone of the season and the arcing of history so you can adapt and better follow your own intuition.

Since winter just begun, we'll start there. This winter...now through around mid-march... is symbolized by the 2 of swords. The meaning given here is "mystical unity". The feeling is much like New Years itself...a time of reflection and introspection. We must look where we've been to fully understand where we are going, and to change that direction if we so choose.

There is also a sense of 'getting our groove back'...of reconnecting with the deeper spiritual meanings...what makes it all worth while. What are your motivations? What is it you love and are passionate about doing and believing?

Spring, March through June is the 8 of coins..."creative service". It will be a time of productivity, of DOing, of MAKING stuff. There is a feeling of rolling up our collective sleeves and 'gettin' 'er done" to paraphrase Larry the Cable Guy. It reminds me of that car commercial with the same sort of theme of craftsmanship and making things of quality. This seems to resonate with the murmurings of economic recovery in the news, both on a national level and that image of tech manufacturing locally.

Pens and Caps tied...

Lots of activity, energy and RENEWAL and freshness around spring...very much the energy of the season, but cleaner, crisper, and more vigorous than recent years.

Summer is The Emperor: the feeling is one of reassuming power...NOT power over others, NOT the country building, invade first and destroy things later policies from the recent past...but a REASSUMING of PERSONAL power....dignity, responsibility, honor, honesty, wisdom...both in an individual sense, and in a national sense. It feels like an usually wise leader that stepped off the throne to fight in a useless battle...but is now stopping, just stopping, and returning to his seat of power, and governing wisely instead of running a fools errand.

The autumn, September to the end of the year , is showing the 910 of cups has a feeling of completion, but not totally so...like the end of the beginning so to speak. Falling into routine, solidifying the renewal...like a new way of acting becomes routine, habit. It feels like that moment when a brand new house feels like HOME again. There is a feeling of comfort and simplicity, like a warm meal by a fireplace, or a hot cup of coffee after being out in the rain.

All of the card types are represented: major arcana, cups, coins, swords - except for the suite of wands. That resonates with the feeling that this will be more of an outward year, full of doing and recovery, more than introspection, once we get past that initial retrospective...the nostalgia will pass quickly, before Mardi Gras is my guess. That's when things will shift...maybe not that exact day, but around then. After all, lent and mardi gras is a Catholic thing, and not that meaningful to the rest of us. But around that Febuary-ish time.

We won! So did they! Game finished in a tie..classy really. It's the journey not the destination, it's playing the game more than...blah blah....I hope we win tomorrow. Hey...it's just a game, so no harm done with a little hometown bias ;)

And that is all that is coming through right now. It ends on a playful, fun, celebratory note...so I will leave you with that energy, and wish you all a happy, healthy, prosperous, fun, safe and peaceful New Year!



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