22 June 2010

Page of wands: "reciprocity"

I spent the weekend immersed in "Twilight" again...did readings for that promotional even most of the weekend, which sparked my daughter's interest, so also watched both "Twilight" and "New Moon" over the weekend.

Todays card brings (not Alice for a change) but Jasper to mind.

In the books, the vampire Jasper has the extra talent of being able to physically affect people's moods by affecting their physiologic response to the situation...

That speaks mostly to the mind/body connection and holistic health in my mind, but that is another kettle of fish for another day...

Today the page of wands speaks of reciprocity...that sort of give and take that comes with being a part of the whole of the universe.

This card also always reminds me of the "rule of threes"...what you give to the universe comes back to you threefold.

Here is how I connect that idea to the character of Jasper...

Some people think that the "rule of 3" can be interpreted literally, physically - that if you give money or goods or time...then those acts will increase your wealth or the gifts you get from others. That may be true, and that is part of it.

But you give other things to your life and those around you, and those less-tangential, esoteric things reciprocate as well.

What mood do you give those around you? A smile, a warm word, a pleasant disposition might be more valuable and meaningful to someone than gold.

Jasper gave calmness. Jacob was Bella's own personal sun and was just a "happy person". We can give those and have those come back to us. "Birds of a feather" and all that.

Anger and crankiness are self-perpetuating. It is a kind of magic to be around negative emotions and continue to radiate your own calm and happiness...to be your own personal sun. It is a greater magic still to transform those moods to warmer more positive ones....that is where the page of wands starts to become the Magician.

So this card reminds us to reciprocate kindness with kindness, and in the face of adversity, to radiate the things we want reciprocated back to us.

Wishing you a repeating loop of happiness



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