04 January 2010

Feng Shui Tarot

Today's card is the page of coins.

Sometimes a feeling for a card comes through that dovetails off of its traditional meaning, more than reflect or expand on the accepted meaning.

That seems to be the case today. One usual meaning for the page of coins is "wonder".

The impressions that come with the card is the path to wonder.

Coins often relate to the physical realm...the nuts and bolts, real-world aspects of life.

Today, the page of coins is bringing to mind a well-known aspect of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the art and science of arranging space and objects to be in harmony with the surroundings and optimize the energy flow or "chi" of a place. Yeah, some may call it pseudo science but consider the evidence of your own perception. Think of your own level of comfort in a place. What is it that makes some places to eat a "wonderful little hole in the wall" and others just a little 'dodgy' and uncomfortable even if it is clean and the food is tasty. Or why some homes are comfortable, but cluttered, while some "showplaces" put people ill-at-ease? Much has to do with the energy of the people there...some can the environment. Birds of a feather...symbiosis...good energy places attract good energy people...negative energy people can modify a good energy place while good energy people can grace a negative energy place for a time...places and people can affect how you feel.

The page of coins reminds us in a roundabout way...

coins is physical realm...the meaning is wonder. What physical things can increase the subtle, spiritual sense of wonder...

"Stuff" can't buy you happiness, so how can any THING make you feel a sense of wonder?

Let's dovetail away from wonder a little and tone it down to comfort, serenity, even a little plain-old-happy.

Getting more stuff wont work, but caring for the stuff you have can help. Clean, simple, uncluttered but not ostentatious environments can help. Great art is great because of the emotions it can induce, the passion of the artist it carries...the same is true of our homes and places of work. The emotion and meanings behind the place and the objects in it are more potent than their size or expense.

In feng shui you can change the tenor of a place by re-arranging things or adding small inexpensive "cures" to improve the energy of a place.

Sometimes a little experimenting and a willingness to listen or our intuition and emotions is all it takes. No need for a big or formal feng shui consult or exercies...though expert advice is often a huge help!

The intuitive message that comes through today is this: simplicity makes room for wonderment.

In the new year, a common resolution is getting fit, eating well...sometimes a little organization and simplifying goes a long way too. In this time of new beginnings, the tarot reminds us of what is possible...wonder and comfort...and the way to get there...simplicity.

Wishing you a winter wonderland inside and out!



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