31 December 2009

Tarot reading for 2010

In Chinese astrology, 2010 will be the year of the tiger, beginning in Feb.

The Tarot card that came up for this New Year's meditation reflect the power, control, strength and integrity you would associate with a tiger archetype.

Rather than working as a prediction...think of this as food for thought. Rather than "past, present and future" think of it as "lessons from the past" "lessons at hand" and "lessons for the time to come"

All the cards are major arcana, which reflects a "tiger" sort of year...powerful,
dynamic, expansive.

The past card is the Emperor...the particular message for this year is "responsibility" and "accountability". There is a sense of chickens coming home to roost...a piper to be paid. My mind is drawn to general political trends. Those in power in the past will be held accountable as people realize more and more the reality of what happened...through the 20-20 vision of hindsight...becomes more obvious. This will contrast with reality of what happened, and people will begin to connect the dots.

The positive side of that is the good efforts made in the past will (finally) begin to pay off. The chickens coming home to roost will have a gold coin in its beak for some, the consequences of past behaviour for others.

The lesson from this card to carry forward to the new year is that this is a potent time to plant new seeds. Deliberately lay the groundwork for something you WANT to manifest...BUT the important idea here is to be willing to be responsible and accountable for what you desire and what you bring to be. This way you can be the Emperor of your own destiny.

The next card is the Innocent, or the Fool. The lesson here is as simple as it is clear. Be in the moment. See NOW as clearly and innocently as a baby seeing for the first time. Enjoy that purity...grasp at nothing, want nothing, just enjoy the here and now as it is. The year past is gone, and the striving for the year to come is yet to come. This is a cusp, a doorway - a unique and special moment. Lay the groundwork and plant the seeds mentioned by the Emperor in this moment of clarity, purity and balance...the turning point of the year.

I'm told there is a full moon eclipse tonight. That adds even more power to this doorway in time...a powerful symbol of letting go of the old, and unveiling of the new.

Next is the Chariot. This card is in someways unleashed...'off the chain'...moving forward with abandon and exileration and passion. This captures the spirit of the year to come, but with one VERY important addition. The Charioteer moves with speed, passion and abandon, yes, but never never out of control. He is AWARE, ready to react, prepared to react, prepared to be accountable for what happens as a result of his chariot ride. I like to think of this as the 'fighter jet' sort of card: fast but controlled, precise yet all-out, scientific yet spiritual.

The poem "High Flight" captures the feeling of what can be for us in 2010. May we reach higher, and slip the surly bonds of fear, anger, greed and touch the sky to find instead love, compassion and happiness.

Happy New Year to you all!



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