31 October 2009

Happy Halloween - king of cups- spirit guides

Happy Halloween everyone!

Last night I was working doing Tarot readings at a large party, and this one card came through so vibrant and wonderful…I wanted to share it with you.

There are the dark connotations of Halloween, and there are the candy filled, happy celebratory aspects to Halloween, but this is nice, pleasant, middle-ground between the two.

The basic message here is that deceased loved ones, guardian angels, and spirit guides are by us, helping us, even in the darkest hours.

The mental image that comes with this card is a constellation of stars, like the Big Dipper, or Orion, or Casseopia…something familiar and easy to identify even if you aren’t particularly interested in astronomy. We might not pay much attention to a constellation every night, but it is always there. But some nights we need a sense of comfort or consistency. The constellation is there to reassure, to guide. And so it is with spirit. We may not be aware or attuned to it, but it is there when we need it. Like a 24 hour radio station, playing, waiting for us to dial in and listen.

And so it is with spirit…guides, angels, loved ones. They are there, let us be there for them…by offering remembrance, prayers and love…by celebrating their lives and ours..by releasing our fear and enjoying the darkness, at least a little, for just this one night anyway.

They say “the veil is thin” this time of year. I think that means it is just a little easier for us to tune in, and really FEEL our connection with the subtle energies, creative forces, the fabric of the universe, the ALL-THAT-IS – call what you like, god, angels and all.

Halloween is magic and fun, dark and spiritual. It is what we most need it to be.

Wishing you a rich and sweet, dark and wonderful, spiritual and celebratory Halloween!



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