28 October 2009

3 of CUPS

3 of cups: Celebration, Merriment.

This is the card of "laughter is good medicine"

Let's apply this idea to Halloween, since that is coming up this Saturday.

Halloween is a celebration. It's is just plain fun. Sure there are many spiritual connotations with it..."the veil is thin" this time of year. The return to earth of the leaf and flower energies, the golden, browns reds and other colors of fall speak of grounding and rooting and making our lofty spiritual ideas part of our tangible lives. You could wax poetic for a week about Halloween, Fall, Samhain, All Souls day, Dia de los Moertos and so on.

But the 3 of cups reminds us no matter how deep a discussion gets, lets not forget the FUN.

It's no coincidence Halloween is a festival of candy in many ways.

Life is sweet. Love persists even beyond death...a sweet reminder. It is communion and celebration of life, harvest, and all those who we love, alive and dead. Either way it is a celebration of LIFE in all of its forms.

Wishing you much sweetness and candy this Halloween!



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