09 July 2009

The Lovers - daily meditation

The Lovers card symbolizes desires, not just relationships. 

What do you desire? What is it costing you to have this desire as part of your life?

What would happen if you got what you wanted? Would it make you happy? Or would it make you want something else? Or just want more?

Desire is a two edged sword, or as Nikos Kazanzakis put it "the doors to heaven and hell are adjacent and identical" Desire can lead to either one.

I think of it in terms of "the rule of threes" ...what you give to the universe comes back to you threefold.

What are you giving to the universe with your desires? Are you giving love, caring and genuine desire for another's well-being? Or are you giving greed, selfishness, and thoughtlessness?

When this card appears, it is usually at the point of strong emotion, and and important life-lesson. It asks us to think of what it is we REALLY want, what is the best way to go about getting it, and most of all, what are the consequences of this desire? What happens if we get it? More desire? What does it cost us to get what we want? What do we gain by letting desire go?
What does this do to others? 

This card is a strong reminder that life, love and relationships are a two-way street, and that we can not predict or control what other people think, feel, want and do.

Two way streets, two edged swords, two identical doors...it is a card of yin and yang...of life and love, decisions and consequences. As new life comes from the union of two parents, so life can be seen in the dynamic opposites of this card.

Choose love and acceptance and you fly. Choose empty desire and you fall. 

What do you desire? Is it worth achieving? Is it worth letting go? Profound questions, yes, but answering them can show us the door to happiness rather stumbling blindly through the door to suffering. Luckily you can always choose a different door next time.

May you find the gateway to happiness and Love

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