08 July 2009

6 of swords

The natural flow of reveals the right path. Obstacles occur for a reason.

If we are constantly swimming upstream, fighting the current, and hitting our head against one brick wall or another - it is a hint.

That challenge may be there to steer us in another direction. Or it may be there to teach us persistence and determination. It may be there to show other people...and ourselves...how much we want to succeed at something. There is no way to know exactly what the challenge is here to teach...our only job is to listen and learn from it. No matter what the details or message might be, obstacles are lessons.

When we are caught up in the fight, the striving, the yearning and desiring, we can't listen to our heart. It is hard to hear the quiet inner wisdom under those circumstances. An obstacle can be a blessing in disguise if it makes us pause for a moment, and re-evaluate what is going on. If we pause the struggle because of a cosmic hint like that...

The obstacle causes a pause...then we can see if the obstacle is there for us to break through...or swim around, or abandon all together. If challenge was never placed in our path, we would never know if we were moving in the right direction or not.

Once the challenge has expended its lesson...we've changed course or broken through...either way, on the other side of the challenge we again find ourselves in the natural flow, confirming that we made the right choice. Even if there are challenges in our path, the natural flow shows or confirm we are in the right way of things. 

If we come up against a brick wall in our life travels, it might be right for some to climb over. Others may go around, turn back, or bash through. Others still might prop up against the wall and take a nap. In this way any challenge has many things to teach. Following our nature and the natural flow of life will take us to the right lesson for each of us as an individual.

Martial arts show that a sword that bends is less likely to break. A sword that is fixed and rigid may be strong, but can be brittle and overcome. This is the insight of the 6 of swords. Follow the natural flow. Yield to the natural course. It will show you the way to learn from challenges and confirm your right choices.

May the flow of life take you to a good place.

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