01 May 2009

daily meditation 8 of swords

8 of Swords:

Numerology isn’t my strong suite. WAAAYYYYY too much like math and arithmatic…

But it comes up often enough in Tarot readings. The cards are numbered, and lots of one number or another can turn up and is usually a hint or message-carrier of some sort. Most of the time I just refer the sitter to the internet to learn about the numbers for themselves. That way they are more likely to find the true message for them, rather than have their perceptions of the number formed by my interpretations.

A friend of mine swears by Doreen Virtues’ Angel numbers. I found it a bit of snooze, and didn’t resonate with it at all…except for the number 8

She cites the number as being the symbol for infinity. This is also true in the Hindu / Buddhist tradition, and is part of the reason meditation beads from that tradition often have 108 beads.

She also associates it with abundance, and career luck. I’ll take that nowadays. Wouldn’t we all?

In most cases I associate swords with our relationship with society at large. The idea of “steadfastness” combined with the number 8’s abundance and career luck leads me to this simple bit of wisdom that we all know…but warrants a thought in today’s economy. 

It is sort of a cosmic ‘hang in there’

Steadfastness, and persistence is an essential element in success, in the mental, physical or spiritual realms, all three.

In our physical livelihood, we persist for material success. You can’t get a paycheck if you don’t show up for work every day. It takes persistence  to keep at our chosen career, improve it, succeed at it.

In the mental realm, it takes persistence to learn. Repetition is a key element in learning at any age.

Spiritually, growth, learning, experiencing, observing…all are continual aspects of our spiritual life. That never ceases. Plus if we move in the opposite direction here…our spiritual supports are steadfast, persistant and reliable. If we don’t feel that kind of persistent and utterly reliable guidance and support from our spiritual path, then we may be on the wrong path…but that is an idea for another day.

So Steadfastness and persistence are an element of success in mind, body, and spirit, to borrow a phrase from Holistic Health.

It also connotes an element of self-discipline. We have to be self-disciplined enough to do what we need to do to care for ourselves so we are physically able to work our jobs, find our jobs, and provide for ourselves and our families.

It takes self-dicipline to learn and practice something new, to keep mentally progressing and not stagnate. This will help keep the mind sharp and the emotions healthy.

It takes self-discipline to ask the hard questions, face the hard realities and choose the right spiritual path, and to persist on that path of spirituality once we find the right one.

All of these things have some thread of connection with our place in society and our personal responsibility. All topics that have become relevant in national politics and society at large today.

All of these things have connections with success and abundance on both the material and intangible plains.

Wishing you an infinity of success and the steadfastness to get you there.

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