28 April 2009

Why see a psychic? An answer in 3D

The greatest oracle of all is the human heart, mind and spirit working together in a synergy we call “intuition” or “psychic ability”.

Some believe that intuition and psychism is just a function of the right hemisphere of the brain...what some call non-linear logic.

Others believe it is from a spiritual source beyond ourselves and it is a sensitivity to “spirit” that allows intuition and psychic ability to happen.

Whether you view it as sensitivity to the intangential or a biological function, intuition is a very human, very individual, personal process. It is as much art as science. I always tell my clients that the information that comes through is like a dream. The “dream dictionary” meaning doesn’t always fit everyone. If you have a hunch what a dream means, that is the way to go, no matter what the “dictionary” might say. 

The same is true of psychic readings. In the end, it is your own intuition that really counts. “Oracles” like tarot cards, runes, palm readings, even another persons “psychic ability” is just a tool. It is just a gateway, a springboard, a start point for reaching your own intuition and your own inner guidance. We, as psychics, are just here to help you and your learning process. We can show you the door, so to speak, but you must walk through it. The Wakowski Brothers certainly had that right in “The Matrix”!

In the end it is you that decides what is valid in any given psychic reading and what isn’t. Who will you ultimately believe? Who has authority over you but you? What can really move and inspire you? Another person with pretty pictures on paper cards, or your own heart, spirit and mind?

So why go see a psychic or Tarot reader at all? Aren’t I putting myself out of business posting this?

The key can be found in science. This is the modern oracle after all.

Think of depth perception and stereoptic vision. People, owls, primates...all sorts of animals that need good depth perception for hunting and survival...have TWO forward facing eyes spaced a little bit a part. Each eye gets a slightly different perspective. Remember “camera one, camera two” from the movie “Wayne’s World”? Or try this little game almost everyone did as a child. Look at an object in the distance. Cover one eye, then the other while still looking at the distant object. See how it seems to move? (Astronomers call this parallax and it helps them calculate the distance to objects in space). The brain knits the two slightly different images together in a way that lets us understand distance...understand the three dimensional world in which we live.

Psychic work is the same.  The world is one interconnected whole...quantum physics hints at this too, but that is another story. Even though you and the psychic are two different people you are both a part of the underlying whole-ness. You can weave together your perspective and the perspective of the reading to get a more in-depth understanding of your life-path. You see more depth and distance.

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