21 September 2007

2007-9-21 "Balanced Philosophy"

It is the yin and the yang of it.

Seems like the idea of the balance of opposites has really been making itself known lately. Sure, it is that time of year. Equinox is always a good time to think about balance. Like we talked about last time, these balanced times, these "turning points" and changing times are fleeting, and sacred.

In these times when the veil is thin and energies are gentle it is natural for our thoughts to turn philosophical. But I've noticed something interesting in other blogs and other conversations. Often our thoughts and philosophies are defined by what we DON'T believe, as much as by what we do.

Yes, it is good to make even that much of a conscious decision about our beliefs. Making a mindful, thoughtful, deliberate decision about what you disagree with is far, far better than mindlessly following what you have been taught before. But it is still only half of the story.

My challenge to you...and to myself...is to make the other half of a conscious spiritual decision. Decide what you DO believe...if you have the guts, write it down. Talk about it. At least think about it.

Like most things here in the physical realm, there is a three-pattern to follow the two-pattern...as it says in the Tao Te Ching, the "two begets three". This refers to how yin and yang together make up a third thing, a thought or a material thing. The grand principles of yin and yang together make up another principle: dynamic balance.

Our topic here is philosophy and beliefs. The yang of it is the things you throw away, the things you reject. The yin of it is the things you accept, and believe. The third part of the triad is the application. The living out of the belief system. The yin and yang of acceptance and rejection brings into being actions. We all act in accordance with our deepest beliefs. That is why "actions speak louder than words". That is why we naturally find it hard to trust people who do not "walk their talk". Action is the child of the yin and yang interaction between belief and rejection of ideas.

It seems to me that if we want to make our life-walk more satisfying, and a more genuine, authentic experience, then it stands to reason that we must on some level face our beliefs, and our dis-beliefs. Once we know them better, then our actions and our daily living become a richer more satisfying experience.

So back to that challenge. Chances are you already have a pretty good handle on what you don't believe. You probably are just as acquainted with what you do believe. But I suggest being more deliberate about it. Sit down and write it or blog it out...you might just surprise yourself.

My guess is that it will be a different experience for everyone. For some, it will be a no-brainer, an easy parroting of long-held beliefs, or a parroting of long-indoctrinated dogma. For others, it may be a crises of faith, coming face to face with your inner being for the first time. For others it will be like stepping into sunshine, reconnecting with forgotten joys. No matter what kind of experience it turns out to be for you, it will be a learning experience at the very least. It doesn't matter what winds up on the list, it is the making of the list that really matters.

Happy list-making!

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