18 September 2007

2007-9-18 "Turning points"

Finally! Some cool weather!

We finally were able to wake up to some cool mornings, and it was such a relief from the heat of summer. There is something magical about transition times, those "turning points" of exquisite balance where opposites dance in perfect harmony.

Everyone seems to love those moments...sunrise, sunset, springtime, autumn, an egg standing on one end and ballet dancers turning a perfect pirouette on point...

You know the opposite color dots, in the bigger part of a yin-yang symbol? Those dots are all about these moments. They are a part of the fabric of nature. They are the balancing points, the turning points...that place where one step more, and anything will begin to become it's opposite.

From a metaphysical perspective, these times are thought to be sacred, when "the veil thins" and the physical and spiritual worlds can touch more easily.

The tarot card I pulled today is "The Magician". This time of year can help us all find the magic within us. We all have the magic of transformation and manifestation at our fingertips. That magic can be found in the delicate balance of intention, belief, and action.

There has been a lot of media buzz about the "Secret", and the power of visualization, intention, and positive outlook. But these things are only half of magic, the yin half. They quickly become hollow and empty without real-world actions and decisions.

There is an old saying "I chop wood. I carry water. This is my magic." Action is the yang half of manifestation. It can't be all yin.

By the same token, just all struggle, and effort and action without the yin aspects of belief, rest, visualization, thought, forsight...action alone is empty too, like a steam roller with no driver.

It is the balance...the turning point...where real magic lies. The Magician tarot cards asks us think of that, in this turning time of the year.

Blessed Autumnal Equinox to all!

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