14 July 2007

Bye Bye newsletter...hello Blog!

The best teacher is experience, the best leadership is example, and the best flattery is imitation.

Many times when I'm doing a tarot reading, the conversation is drawn to the concepts of "living in the now" and the advice is to "find and follow the natural flow of things...don't force the issue"

The time has come for me to take my own advice.

Wasn't there an old army recruiting commercial that said "it's a great place to start"? Well, a structured, monthly newsletter is a great place to start...but it just doesn't fit the natural flow of things anymore. It is time to move on to something a little more natural, a better fit for my personality and for the nature of intuitive work.

The solstices are powerful spiritual times for those who follow this sort of spiritual path. This recent summer solstice has been a very hectic and busy time. That in itself is a cosmic hint. But the solstices are a perfect time to pause...as the sun does...and take a look around. See what is working, what's not, what progress has been made and what work there is still to be done.

In this case, I finally could see my attachment to old ideas was holding me back more than helping things along. First is the newsletter. Common wisdom dictates that when you are starting a new business, the more organized you are, the better you will do in the long run. So a monthly newsletter seemed like a nice, organized way to get ideas out to people, and to stay connected.

But it wasn't working. It was turning into more "spam in a can" and less and less genuine feeling and inspiration. That serves no one. Certainly not my need...certainly not the messages of spirit...and least of all, any poor souls that were actually reading the things.

My teacher and friend, Psychic Joy Star, sends out occasional e-mails as she is lead and inspired to do so. She follows her intuition about what to send in when, and keeps her focus more on "service to spirit" than anything else. As a result, her e-mails are, each and every one, an inspirational treasure. I've learned from her example, and hope to show my admiration by imitation.

What that means is that I'm putting the kaibash on the newsletter thing and moving to a pure blog format.

Blogs are more popular and mainstream than ever. "Newsletters"...even the electronic kind... are rapidly becoming obsolete. My gut feeling is blogging is where this needs to be. Anyone who wants to can subsribe and unsubscribe to the blog with no intervention on my part. Easy. For the people on my current newsletter list, I'll send "new blog entry" notices...IF they want me to. But otherwise, it is 'let nature take its course" time. Blogs are natural, honest, in-the-moment things. They are journaling, journalism, and free thought at its most primal. Perfect for an intuitive site like Modern Oracle Tarot. It is perfect for the kind of writing I really want to do. Baihu is back!

Love and light to all...


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