10 May 2007

March 2007 Modern Oracle Newsletter

March 2007 Newsletter

Regal blue and snowflake wings
Lady Winter glides
Chinook winds and warm exhale
A cherub’s birthing cry
Tender green and buttercup wings
Spring is a child
By Lady Winter’s side

From “Triquetra: A Dance of Worlds”….a booklet of Nature and Spirit inspired poetry coming soon to www.rondasnow.com Poem “Spring Child” copyright 2005 Used by permission.


It would be clichĂ© to say spring is a time of renewal. It has been said a million times before…only because it is true.

But like everything else, spring and renewal are a balance of opposites. Spring is a combination of winter chill and summer warm. It is also a season of “re” – replenishment, release and renewal.

Renewal too, is a combination of things…refreshing and releasing.

Classically, it is a time of re-nourishing the body after a winter of limited food and dwindling resources. It is only in modern times that we have access to fresh fruit and meat at this time of year. Herbalists often recommended using red, warm nourishing “blood building” herbs like sassafras (most of us would recognize this as the flavor in root beer).

We see this re-nourishment idea reflected in the re-invigoration of nature. Life and warmth are re-introduced into the plants and animals we see around us…even in our urban yards and parks.

But a constant pouring in of nourishment and energy isn’t renewal. It is pollution, and engorgement. For there to be true renewal, replenishment must be combined with the other half of things: release.

We see this in the seemingly innate need for “spring cleaning”. To brush away the accumulated dust of winter inactivity. This is as vital as bringing in new things. If we release old things, then there is no room for the new. Zen philosophy teaches us that you can’t fill a full cup. Only an empty cup can be filled.

Let’s take a cue from the old herbalists, and from traditional Chinese medicine. Whenever something is lacking, it is built up to bring things into balance. Whenever something is in excess, it is also balanced.

As you look for renewal this spring, find the balance.

If you feel tired, deprived or worn out from a long winter, then nourish yourself. Not treat yourself to hollow excess, but real deep nourishment. Solid nutrition, a little extra rest, get outside as the weather begins to permit it. Fill yourself with fresh air and the wonder of nature…these are all excellent ways to replenish after a bout of wintertime ‘cabin fever’.

But by the same token, if you are feeling stagnant, and covered with emotional dust from a long stagnant winter, then a good spring cleaning might be the thing. Literally organizing your surroundings can open the way for a lighter mood and new opportunities according to the principles of feng shui. Some old school naturopaths used to recommend brief fasts, or eating clensing foods like salads of spring greens to “clear the system” of toxins and prepare for the greater activity and greater food availability that comes in the summertime.

Of course, this is all general information. It is up to you to adapt these thought to your individual situation, and of course consult with your doctor or holistic professional before using any special diets or herbs.

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One Card Tarot Meditation:

This month’s card is the 6 of cups. This is a card of innocence. Ok, I know…you’re thinking “wait a minute, isn’t “the fool” really innocence, didn’t we talk about this before?”

Yes, but context and tone means a lot in reading tarot cards. That is why we have the Penseive element first. It helps set the energy context for the newsletter and also the energy context for the tarot reading as well. I never draw the card until AFTER I’ve written the Penseive for just that reason. That is why I love the way the cards always seem to resonate with the earlier thoughts. For those of you who watch the tv show “Mythbusters”, it is like the times when Jamie smiles at something blowing up…”proof of concept”.

And here we have proof of the concept that we can bring meaningful messages out of the cards with our intent to do a meaningful, helpful reading.

The concept of innocence fits into the context of spring and renewal. But here we have a subtle difference. This is a minor arcane card, and carries a lighter energy a feeling with it. There is less a feeling of “major life lesson” and more of a feeling of “life’s little reminders”. In this context, there is less of a profound beginning to a major life journey, with overtones of choice and potentials that we see with the Fool card. Here, the artwork on the card literally shows flowers and children at play. This card has more overtones of life’s simple, innocent pleasures, and a gentle reminder to find and appreciate these simple pleasures. Such innocence is available to us year round, but they seem more evident in the spring: birds returning, subtle colors of nature reawakening, the crisp chill in the breeze and the warmth of the sun, chocolate candy and hard boiled eggs. This card draws our attention to little details that add to the energy of the season.

Innocence is associated with children…the ones who most enjoy spring and all its chocolate coated egg-rolling celebrations. Innocence has to do with the simple wonder of childhood, nature, and all the newness they offer. Children are the renewal of life, our species, and our hope.

Innocence also speaks to simple, uncomplicated pleasures…like the kind of simple pleasures that can bring us into balance…that can enable a true renewal. Innocent pleasures are essence of this card today.

Think what simple, innocent pleasures that spring can bring. Which of these can help bring you into balance?

Do you need more activity in your life? Do you need to nourish, and replenish yourself for the activities to come?

Or do you need to release old build-ups and experience the simple pleasures of a spring cleaning well done?

Whichever path this card shows you, may it be a colorful, refreshing, and renewing one!

Love and Light to you all!

Ronda “Baihu” Snow

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