14 September 2013

Voyager View

A few days ago, Joy Star commented about how a large, cosmic perspective can put fear in its place, connect us with our place and power within the Cosmos.
Then soon after, news comes of Voyager clearing the Oort cloud and truly entering interstellar space. This is where science and spirituality meet and dance, and create breathtaking beauty. Think about it – something created by humankind within our lifetimes (or at least recent enough to be in the news during our lifetimes) is now in interstellar space, outside of the solar system. We have dipped a toe into infinity.
Next time you feel angry, afraid, powerless or small, remember you are part of the Cosmos. You are inseparable from all-that-is. You are as much part of the Universe as is Voyager. Look at the situation from Voyager’s perspective.
Look through infinity’s eyes.
Caroline Porco on Voyager’s big goodbye:
Even today – especially today – as we celebrate our new official status as interstellar explorers, I feel as though that intrepid little vehicle is carrying a bit of me and you along with it, as it begins its never-ending travels across the galaxy and among the stars. And because of it, we, the inhabitants of Earth, have finally arrived at eternity’s door.     

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