18 August 2013

On Spirit Guides by Joy Star

An excellent, excellent article about Spirit Guides by my friend and psychic reading mentor Joy Star, who is a genius at Soul Astrology!

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August 17, 2013

Spirit Guides and Subtle Energy

by Joy Star

Spiritual WorkWorking with Spirit Guides is just that – work!

Just like any other relationship it is not fair for them to do things for you at your bidding, to become overly dependent upon them, to be there to alleviate feelings of loneliness or to show off for the benefit of your ego.

Human and Spirit Guide Relationships are Not That Different

Some people tend use other humans in these same ways and we shouldn’t expect Spirit Guides to fulfill those types of roles any more than we should depend on other humans to be our servants, healers, pride possessions, cheerleaders etc.

Spirit Guides are not there to do things for you; they help, assist and guide you in reaching your own goals—the will not give you the goal or hand you a mission.

The Work

What about the work that I mentioned?   Set aside a time and a routine to be open to your guides and work on being sensitive so that the contact can be perceived.  How does one become sensitive? One way is through practicing being in the present moment, becoming aware of subtle energy.

While some individuals are born very sensitive and possess a natural inclination to be sensitive to surrounding energy, others can develop those abilities.  As I’ve mentioned before in previous newsletters, there is a caveat and admonition—it is sometimes very difficult to be in close quarters with many humans.

My Recent Energy Experience

I had such an experience yesterday as a matter of fact in an old home that was converted into an extremely crowded and busy hair salon with high strung and different types of people than I’m accustomed.

As a matter of fact, if you’ve followed my life at all you will recall that I’ve lived alone in a quiet rural mountain setting for over 15 years, just haven moved here a little over a year ago.  I’m getting accustomed to the crowded city and can barely handle a locker room full of women for 10 minutes, not to mention downstairs neighbors in a poorly sound proofed building.

Needless to say, if it had not been for my daughter who is getting married next month who sent me there for a hair trial… well, it was horribly difficult to be with so many humans in one small space for that extended period.

Let's just say that one would like to not be so sensitive at certain times and one tries not to be, but as I wrote above, when one is sensitive to energy and not accustomed to being in close quarters for extended periods, it can be highly disturbing and distressing.

Creating a Welcoming Environment for Spirit Guide Communication

Which brings me to another point which is that to welcome Spirit Guide communication it is recommended to provide an environment that is conducive—in other words, a place that is completely opposite from a crowded hair salon where there is barely enough room to move and human shouts and laughter bounce of the walls.  You get the idea. 

Registering All Encountered Energy Becomes a Psychic Habit

 Working with Spirit Guides involves learning to register everything that is encountered.  It is not always easy to switch that off and on again once an individual who has been working in these realms for a number of years has become accustomed to this level of sensitivity.

When one is naturally open to registering everything one encounters, one must use wisdom about the environment one subjects oneself to.  And that is something I’d forgotten until quite recently.

Natural Sensitivity

Most people who are practicing using their intuition and trying to become psychic close their eyes and withdraw from the world around them on order to enter another realm.

Those who are naturally sensitive and psychic walk in that world and the human realms at the same time and are always in that altered state of consciousness.  Therefore, when in a small crowded area one is picking up energy and feeling it pass through and around their field continually.  That can be disorienting and sometimes it takes a day or so to process and clear the energy.  Salt baths help and reconnecting with nature, if that’s practical, helps too.  (I'd love to walk in the woods to clear that energy today, but its been pouring rain all day here; not that I didn't consider a walk in the rain.) Anyway...

Everyone Possesses Psychic Senses

Psychic senses exist within us all but for many people those senses lay dormant unless they have been awakened and used in previous lifetimes.  I will mention a few things here (as I conclude thoughts for this week’s newsletter) that you can do to increase your psychic sensitivities.
  • Diet.  Foods such as fish, white meat, vegetables and fruits like pineapples, papaya, lemons, and oranges are high vibrational foods.  Essentially, eating lightly before a psychic session is usually recommended since our energy is taken up digesting foods.
  • Increasing water intake helps us to be able to work with the high energy levels that are required with spirit communication since water is a conductor of energy.  Decreasing salt intake is also recommended for this same reason.
  • Exercise.  The stronger and more vibrant our energy field is, the more sensitive it will become to subtle energy. 

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