09 July 2013

Taking my own advice - another 4 of swords kind of day

It's yet another 4 of swords kind of day - week - potentially month. 

Be flexible or break. Just roll with it as it comes. Or like Taoist and marital artist Bruce Lee said, "be like water". 

That is why I want to focus on e-mail readings this summer.Not only is it my specialty, and available without an appointment... I set the price lower because they are more flexible & convenient for both of us! 

If you are interested in getting a tarot reading at all, please give an e-mail reading a try. You'll save both time and money...and still get the exact same reading you would get in person! And I can adjust when I do the reading a few minutes here or there so I can  put full focus on your reading, and do the absolute best for you that I can. 

I'm taking my own advice for the next several weeks, drawing from the four of swords...I'm being flexible, focusing on e-mail readings - which is a good deal for everyone. 

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