15 July 2013

Q&A: Getting back together

Q: How does he feel about me? Will we get back together?

A: Hi ****** 

I understand how emotional of a time this is for you. It always hurts when relationships end, for whatever reason.

I'm sorry to be so hard on you, but it feels like you need a real wake up call here. We've talked about all of this before. A lot. This is exactly the wrong questions to be asking. This is exactly the kind of situation that scam psychics take advantage of. This is the opposite of what psychic tarot is all about.

  • Psychics and Tarot can NOT tell what other people are thinking, are feeling or what they will do
  • Even if psychics or tarot could do that, I wouldn't. Put yourself in *****'s place. How would you feel if he asked a stranger from the internet what you feel and what you plan to do. How would you feel if a stranger looked into your heart and your mind and your intentions all behind your back and without your permission and then spilled everything to your EX? Sounds pretty stalker creepy to me. I won't do that to another person, and I hope no one ever does that to you.
  • Sometimes when we are doing a reading, we can get a sense of permission on the soul level, some sense of the other person sharing with you...that is not the case here
I know a little of that happened in your sister's reading, and she told me that the two of you have talked about it BUT she came with a whole different question. Like she told you, she wanted to know what she needed to do to help fix things...not a prediction about her ex. Maybe get some advice from her. Real world advice from someone who knows you and knows the situation is always a good thing. Tarot can help you know what to do for you - but it can't take the place of people who care about you, or make predictions, or read minds....

....I know that isn't the answer you were hoping for, but it is the only honest one I can give you right now. Be safe, be happy. 

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