28 December 2012

Change of Plans - announcement

Some holiday plans were cancelled due to snow and ice, and a variety of other things.

While private and phone appointments are booked until after New Years, I've opened up the unexpected down time to e-mail tarot readings. 

As a holiday special, mention the "code" "The Vampire Diet" in your e-mail, and get a "four seasons" reading for $5 off ($20 instead of the usual $25)

The "Four Seasons" reading is a good one for the New Year's season, but doesn't work like the typical "what will happen in 2013" predictions. A "Four Seasons" reading is more like driving directions, to help you navigate the new year. Each card is a guiding theme or key idea for each of the four upcoming seasons...winter, spring, summer, fall. This reading isn't limited to new years...it covers the next four seasons from whenever you get the reading...it isn't limited by calendar year.

Just send your name, age, any questions, "Four Seasons" and "Vampire Diet" in an e-mail to:

Your reading will come as a reply to your e-mail. You will get a separate money request from PayPal at that same e-mail address. Just follow the easy instructions in the request to pay using either a PayPal account or major credit card.

Don't forget: My readings do not make predictions about what will happen in the future. I don't read what other people think, feel or will do (eewww...talk about stalker-creepy. I wouldn't want to be on either end of that.) I don't take medical or pregnancy questions...those should be handled by your doctor. Age 18 or over to order, entertainment and personal enrichment only...you know the drill.

Whatever is "in the cards" for all of us in 2013, I hope that you all have a happy, safe, healthy, prosperous New Year.

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