31 October 2012

Tarotbytes - The Death Card

Everyone is scared to death...all puns intended...of this card. It doesn't mean literal, mortal danger as some as TV and movies might have you think. It doesn't mean you are going to walk out of your reading right under a speeding bus. 

It really means change, rebirth, renewal. For some people, change is more frightening than that speeding bus. Especially if that change is for them - a change in who they are. 

Richard Bach captured the feeling of this card perfectly when he wrote "I gave my life to become the person I am right now. Was it worth it?" (source: brainyquotes.com)

Each day the old 'us' dies away and the right-NOW us lives. 

Who you are right-NOW is completly under your control. Old you is dead. Long live you.

Each day, each moment is a rebirth, a resurrection of sorts, of the gone old-you into the very alive and vital here-and-now you. How do you want today to be? Zombie Apocalypse or a fresh start into something better? 

Stay safe, and enjoy your Halloween!

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