28 October 2012

ShelfLight: A Nomadic Witch

The "geek girl's bookshelf" motif is becoming a common theme in the blogosphere. I'd like to change it up a bit here. Instead of just focusing on "geek" or just books, I thought it might be fun to expand it to any old fan-girl rant - a sort of "that's kind of cool" for anything. Think of it like a small display shelf with a light over it to showcase whatever we sit on the shelf. Who knows? Maybe you will think it is interesting too. Maybe you'll even check it out for yourself.

I just finished reading "A Nomadic Witch" by Debora Geary...for the second time. Her "Modern Witch" series is Harry Potter for parents...not because it is "adult", but because it she touches on the common everyday things we've all experienced with our kids...cookies and ice cream, glitter spills, 4 year olds playing dress up.

And then she shows us the pure magic in every bit of it. 

The Modern Witch series just keeps getting better. Underneath the layer of playful fun and the usual idea of magic with teleportation, flying broomsticks, fire globes, and storms-from-nowhere - underneath all of that is a real-life magic. She touches on very real emotion and very real parts of life that are, indeed, magical.

For example, parenthood. In past books she deftly handles deep ideas like self-discovery, change, self-image, personal responsibility and community belonging. Through all of her books Ms. Geary creates utter believable, genuine, realistic characters. Not only are they believable  but somehow you wind up caring about the characters as if they are real people. The people in her books are the bridge between fictional magic and the magic in real life and real people. 

In "A Nomadic Witch" that premise is taken further, looking at even more heart-rending, emotionally deep concepts like welcoming new life, healing old lives, and even saying hello to those who have passed beyond this one. 

Despite that, "A Nomadic Witch" is an easy, enjoyable page-turner, start to finish. I recommend it!



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