11 October 2012

Q&A: My Girlfriend Left Me. Where do I go from here?

Q:After 5 years, my girlfriend left me a few months ago. I gave so much to someone who just didn't feel the same way. What is next? Where do I go from here?

A: I'm sorry to hear about what happened. It feels like you did everything you possibly could to make things work, so you can move on with no regrets, certainly. Your question is perfect for a classic "pathway" style reading...one card for lessons from the past that can help you now, one card to show ideas for dealing with the situation you are in now, and a third to show a good path forward.

General impressions: 
These cards carry a lot of energy...this experience is a real pivot-point for you. This is an important time and an important lesson. Please take care to learn and grow all you can, or this kind of experience will repeat until you learn what is needed. 

Keep in mind as we move forward to the individual cards that the images are concepts, ideas and symbols...they do NOT predict the future. How things unfold are up to you based on what you do and decide. Also keep in mind that the Tarot cards are very old...they came to be in the 1200s, so you have to put them into today's context too.

The first card is Death in reverse (upside down)...This isn't the distant past, but more about the very recent past, meaning the break-up with this girl in June. The death card is not literal...it talks about a life altering change. It does give you that caution I spoke of earlier...that this could repeat if care is not taken to learn from this, grow from this. It also is a message of hope...death, especially if it is reversed, speaks of re-birth...heaven, reincarnation and all that. This card strongly reminds you that this is a new beginning, a new phase of life, a new beginning, a fresh start for you. It is a chance to find real happiness this time. It is a new chance, a new beginning, a new day for you. Embrace it, and allow that to make you happy, not to get stuck in the past and what happened, which is another part of the message for you...the past is gone, essentially it is dead. Lesson learned, allow it to go, move on to something better.

The next card reassures you that something better is indeed possible...the next card is the 10 of coins, which means truth and happiness. The feeling here is "now you know". You can look for someone who returns the feelings and effort you give. Now you know more about what you hope to have in a relationship. I also get the mental image of a candle and the message "let your light glow". Be your genuine and true self...Don't try to fit other's expectations or bend them to yours either one...be who you are, love who you are, love others as they are. When you live from a position of love, like attracts like. If you are caring and genuine and honest, that will attract that honesty, and you both will know sooner if things are going well or not. The part about loving yourself is important too. Being honest with yourself that it isn't right is just as important as giving your best effort to a relationship. A teacher of mine always reminded us to think of what serves the loving highest and best. Is the loving thing to continue on in denial of what you feel, or to honor what you feel and move on? In any case, truth and happiness are there for you if you open to the possibilities.

The last card is the Devil...don't be frightened by it. In your case the message is like that old saying "give the devil his due". Acknowledge mistakes that were made before...admit the problems from the last relationship so you can let them go. If the mistakes were hers, then admit that, allow that you put up with too much for too long...and then you can move on to brighter days. If you had a part in things not working out...admit that too. Then change it next time. This whole situation feels more like a gift of a new chance, more than a loss.

Often I will end with a 'cold reading' portion with any final impressions, that might go with the cards or not. All I get here is the image of a magnifying glass, and the energy ends. It feels as if we are being told the message has been given...give full focus and attention to what has already been said.

I hope this helps. Good luck moving forward!


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