19 September 2012

Q&A: Should I move?

Q: I live in the same small town where I have always lived, except for college. I was recently downsized from a steady job. I'm single, and don't have the family attachments here that I used to have. Moving to find work is fine with me, and right now **** looks promising. On the other hand, I really want to put down roots and raise a family someday soon. Should I stay close to my roots or should I go to where it would be easier to find work?

A. There is a three card reading that I learned from my teacher that is perfect for decisions like this. 

The first card is a yes/no answer to your question, although sometimes (in my experience) it is more helpful to look at it as "maybe" yes or no...you always have options open to you.

The next card is the things working against you...any cautions

The last card is the things working in your favor...advice and encouragement.

When I shuffled the card, the question I kept in mind was should you move. The answer was the 8 of Wands, which means "great potential", "infinity" and "wholeness". I think this means that the world is your oyster...as you said yourself, you are in a perfect position to move, to explore the world. But, in general, this would be read as a no card (aces, cups, coins being associated with yes). BUT...and this is a BIG provision....I don't think it is saying don't move. I think the energy is speaking to the part of your question where you are talking about putting down roots. If you move now...which has a positive feel to it too...it may not be to the place where you wind up putting down roots. Where you move may only be wonderful, but not a forever kind of thing. 

The next card is telling in that respect...the caution card is the Ace of Cups...which has to do with your "inner light"...your inner wisdom, the special things about you, your happiness. I think this card is hinting that the desire for roots and family might be more important than job and money in the long run. If you move, do it to learn what feeds your soul...use your opportunity to move now, to learn about what you want in your long-term place to live...what kind of place can let you give what you want to give to your future family. Use this time to learn what makes you happy and fulfilled...what place feeds your soul. Does the new place speak to you on a deep, spiritual level...or does it show how much home does that for you? That sort of thing. The question is less about finding a job and more about finding your heart a true home. No matter where your "roots" have been in the past, you can put down new roots very easily if a place is comfortable, and right, and really speaks to your heart. If it is really really right...both work and roots will eventually come together in the right place at the right time.

The thing working in your favor is the Wheel of Fortune card, which means change. If you move, and it isn't right, you can always move back. If you stay, and it isn't right, you can still go a little later. You can choose to stay single and unattached, or you can choose to root here if love calls. This card is asking you to be at peace with yourself...the choice of where to live can always be made permanent or it can be undone, to one extent or another. This card has a sense of freshness about it. Again the feeling is a bit in favor of changing countries, changing work...as a journey of discovery...you may find your soul-home out there, which makes the journey important. You may come to realize how much the place you are now means to you...also making the journey important. Economics change. Minds change. If you stay open to change, then you make this into a win-win situation for yourself.

Good Luck!


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