30 August 2012

Q&A: What Will the Season Hold

Q: What will this competition season be like? Any advice? (This is a long-time client of mine, who is an excellent ballroom dancer)

A: The card that turned up for you is the Ace of Swords. While the swords suite has a reputation for having negative meanings, my attention is drawn to Diane Morgans interpretation of "Awakening".

In the "yes / no" reading that my teacher gave to me, an ace is a "yes" card, so I take that as a good omen for a good competition season. 

The mental image that comes with this of a lotus flower blooming.

Put those together, and I get the feeling this card is reminding you of all your training and competition experience, plus all the practice and training you have done over the years. 

Much of a lotus lies beneath the water's surface. You too have a lot below the surface that you can draw on during competition this year. Your experience will be an advantage. I 'hear' "roll out red carpet"... don't be afraid to dig deep into all of that practice and experience and "roll out" all that you know and can do. 

The sword on the card points up, and is held by a strong arm. This reminds me of "rising" "success" and the saying from sports to "play to your strengths"...showcase the things you do well, especially. 

Best of Luck to you (and ***** too)

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