16 August 2012

Martial Arts Weekend

I think one of the big advantages of psychic work, intuition development, and tarot readings is the way it helps reduce stress.

Much as I like doing readings, there is no avoiding the other parts of the health and stress reduction trinity... let's face it, body is part of the mind-body-spirit paradigm. Tarot helps take care of mind and spirit. Both of those things work better as part of a healthy physical self. And that means exercise.

Yep...I hate the stuff sometimes. The old school Naturopaths were right...the key is finding something physically active that you actually like and enjoy, and DO it. 

Like I pointed out over on the "Vampire Diet" blog, speed, strength, and movement has always been part of the vampire lore and legend. The Twilight vampires played baseball. Edward loved to run. The Volturi were described as more vital than the Romanians who never seemed to move. Speed and strength have always been part of vampire lore and legend. They move. They exercise. To be healthy, so should we. 

I personally love martial arts, specifically Chinese styles like Wushu, and Taijiquan. (If you think tai chi isn't exercise - you aren't doing it right). Since having a stroke, this kind of exercise has been challenging, and damn near impossible. But you adapt. Whatever your ability, whatever your interest...doing something is way better than doing nothing, whatever your something may be.

It's martial arts weekend at our house. Our teacher will be staying here with us, so I'll be busy with other things for a bit. Regular posts will resume on Monday. Have a great weekend! I hope you get the opportunity to DO something you live to do.

Master Nick Gracenin will be teaching in Pittsburgh, PA on August 18, 2012

Two workshops will be available: Qi Gong at 10 am and Bagua at 11 am. 

Location: 1240 Washington Road, Mount Lebanon (Unitarian Universalist Church at Sunnyhill)

One workshop is $40, or take both for $70

Please call Dr. David Clippinger to register 412-480-9177

Master Gracenin is an internationally known martial artist. He has medaled in world competition as part of the United States Wushu and Tai Chi teams, studied at Beijing University of PE, and was named Inside Kung Fu's Hall of Fame Man of the Year among many, many more achievements. To learn more about Master Gracenin, please visit www.dctaichi.com.

2004 U.S. Wushu Union Internal Division National Champion Jon Snow, of Pittsburgh, will also be in attendance. To learn more about Coach Snow, please visit www.teamsnow.co

For a brief explanation of Qigong and how it can help health, please visit www.RondaSnow.com and click the "Qigong" link to the right of the home page.

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