09 July 2012

Today's Tarot - The Sun

Find your gravitational center.

That will allow you to move gracefully instead of stay rooted in one place out of fear. Think of martial arts, or gymnastics. The athletes know their core, their center of balance, and that let's them jump, kick, move, run in freedom and confidence.

In science, planets orbit around one center of gravity. Even though their orbits are oval-ish (an ellipse, technically, from Kepler's Laws) having one strong center lets them explore out on the oval without getting lost or losing orbit.

The same principle applies mentally and spiritually, no matter what kind of physical condition you are in. Know what pulls you, what moves you. Knowing your center lets you move and explore new ideas. Sometimes you center of gravity shifts to one of those new ideas, sometimes, it will expand your "orbit",  but having SOME center in the beginning lets you explore, learn.

Clinging blindly to one set of fundamental beliefs is static, dead. If those beliefs are truly your root, your center, they will tolerate your "orbit" being a little off center, just like a planet. They will tolerate you moving, running, jumping...learning new ideas too.

When you come back around to ideas and believes time and time again, then you know they are your true center of gravity - your Sun.

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