12 July 2012

Today's Tarot - 7 of Swords

Have you ever seen any of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies? If you have, remember Captain Jack's compass? The one that didn't point north...it pointed the way to his heart's desire, even if he wasn't fully aware of what that really was.

There are moments when we feel like that compass looks...spinning in all directions not sure what to do next.  Our usual 'compass' just doesn't work. Religion, psychics, tarot cards...nothing seems to help or just can't give the answer we feel like we disparately need. 

Which can mean a couple of things....

Maybe we are asking the wrong question. Maybe we are hanging our happiness on the wrong piece of information.

If you asked Jack Sparrow's compass "which way is north?" you'd get no help whatsoever. If you asked the compass WHAT IS your heart's desire...nothing. Ask it WHERE is your heart's desire...viola! A very precise answer is in your hands.

Psychics and Tarot work a little like Jack Sparrows compass. It can help...it can give you very valuable guidance, but only if you are able to understand the limitations and strengths its guidance can give. 

Asking what another person is thinking, or feeling or what they will do is like asking the movie compass which way is north...it just can't give that information, even though it has been made to look like something that can. Jack's compass was made to look like something that could show you which way is north, but it can't. Movies, tv, wishful thinking and fiction has given us the popular notion that psychics and tarot can predict the future or know other people's thoughts and intentions. It can't. 

Neither the compass or psychics/tarot can tell you what your heart's desire is. That is up to you to decide. But if you think about it, and get a clear idea of what that desire is (like when Jack focused on looking for the  "deadman's chest") then the compass (or psychic/tarot/intuitive work) does a better job of showing you how to get to it.

But, ask the right question...be open to the information the compass / psychics / tarot CAN give...and you get a real, helpful, inspiring answer. Do your part...think, decide what you desire, decide what future you want to create...then psychic tarot readings can give you advice about how to get to it. Psychic tarot can help you find the path to where you want to go. 

If someone stays focused on a "where is north" kind of question, then the magic compass will never, ever be able to help. If someone stays focused on knowing what someone else is thinking or feeling or will do, then psychic tarot isn't much help either. That is the gift and strength of psychic work: it shifts our thinking. It guides us to the 'out of the box' way of looking at things. You don't expect a compass to show anything other than direction, and it is infuriating if a compass doesn't tell you which way is north.  But if you think out of the box, and realize the magic it DOES have, then you can find treasure. It is frustrating, even infuriating, if tarot readings don't give you the answer you determined to find. But if you are open to the advice psychic tarot CAN give, and not just focused on the one thing you want or expect...then you can find treasure of a different sort. With a little out-of-the-box guidance, you might be able to find what your heart really desires. It may not be a "which way is north" kind of answer, but we can still learn valuable things in unconventional ways when we are open to what psychic tarot can and can't do.


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