23 July 2012

Thoughts from the Wheelhouse

I'm hooked on a fishing show. 

Never thought I'd say THAT. I don't fish. It makes me woozy to ride the "lazy river" at the water park. Don't get me wrong, I love to eat the crab the guys on TV catch, but never thought I'd want to watch the process of catching it in the first place. 

What does that have to do with intuition, tarot readings or the mind-body-spirit connection in dieting? It is a round-about connection, but we'll get there. Like almost everything in "The Vampire Diet" and "Modern Oracle Tarot" blogs, it is all about choice and taking charge of our own life. 

It's no secret that I loves me some Mythbusters. I watch Discovery Channel and Science Channel all the time. Not long ago I saw an ad for their series "Deadliest Catch" where there was an ill crew member. He had "the look".  It caught my attention and the part of me that spent 13 years in medicine like a grappling hook. Whatever was going on was real, and it was bad. That guy would have looked scary enough rolling into a well equipped emergency room. Can you imagine dealing with that situation in the middle of freezing water nowhere with nothing but a blood pressure cuff, a bottle of sports drink and a radio? Yikes! My hat, were I wearing one, is totally off to Captain Keith and the "Wizard" crew.

Now throw that little bit of light viewing in the mental stew-pot along with Marcus Bach's excellent "Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar", Gina Mazza's "Everything Matters, Nothing Matters", the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, and every other poetic captain-ship-ocean metaphor you've ever heard. The universe is trying to tell us something. These are powerful images and analogies for a reason.

Living life well is a solitary achievement.

We are each captain of our own ship. At the same time, we are deeply connected to the all-that-is just like a ship is connected to water. We can't disconnect from the one-ness of our existence any more than a ship can float up in the air levitate over waves. 

Our ship-of-self is part of a fleet. We command alone, but do not sail alone. You might not see yourself as captain of the ship, but, in a sense, you are. Think of the crew members on the crab boats...they aren't in charge of the actual ship, but they have the command call of how they conduct themselves. Each of them decides how they navigate their own personal 'ship' within the 'fleet' of the crew. They choose how to act, how to do their job. And they see results of those choices - fast - in their share of the profits and if they come back next season or not.

We are all captains in that sense. You can choose to sail alone, unconnected, but that seems to make an already risky business even riskier. 

We reach out to connect for guidance. The Captains have GPS, maps, and training to guide them, just like we can reach out to intuition and spirituality to guide us, but in the end, we call the shots. We can read diet books and recipes all we want, but in the end we decide what we buy, chew and swallow.  We can communicate and connect with other "captains" while we are in command our own ship. We get whatever information we can, yet we  still move with the waves and tides of our existence. Whether we roll with it, plow through it, or get rolled by it is our own decision straight from the captain's wheelhouse.  

Or at least, that's how it seems to me.


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