16 July 2012

Go Dark

Reblogged from "The Vampire Diet" blog out of love of dark chocolate:

I'm of two, maybe three minds about chocolate.

I love chocolate. The darker the better. I mean the 80% cacao stuff that if you took it any further you'd be gnawing on a cacao tree like a crazed beaver. You know, chocolate.

But that's just me. I know lots of people who actually like milk chocolate better than dark (seriously? really??) and even some who actually like white chocolate (ewwww. You KNOW that isn't even really chocolate, don't you??)

But what kind of place can chocolate have in a healthy diet, I wonder. 

Before we go one word further, don't forget, the "Vampire Diet" isn't about telling you what is healthy, it is about finding fun mental analogies to stick with whatever-it-is you choose as your healthy way of  "feeding".

But personally, I still go in circles with chocolate.

Coffee is another matter. I love it too. It is antioxidant too. BUT you can have that with no sugar. Don't know about you, but I taste a lot in common between a dark, dark, lovely,  delicious chocolate and a good quality cup of coffee. Especially if you drink it black.

Unsweetened chocolate is too far, even for me. To sweeten chocolate with anything other than sugar is an abomination against human kind and all of nature, let's face it. 

So do you avoid dark chocolate in the name of avoiding sugar, or do you choose it as a tightly controlled treat? It is easy to avoid milk and white chocolate when you don't like it anyway...but the good stuff?

I can argue that it is ok. Chocolate is just a smushed up tree seeds, basically. Pretty wholesome as things go, especially if it is lightly sweet with a little sugar without a lot of fuss, corn syrup and additives. I can't even knock corn syrup in this application. Corn syrup is a boon to mankind when it comes to desserts and confections. If that's what it takes to get tree-seed-antioxidants down my gut, isn't that better than no antioxidants at all? 

Self-control and discretion is everything isn't it? Very vampiric qualities. 

I'm going to go have a cup of coffee and think about it some more.

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