12 June 2012

Daily Meditation Tarot Reading - Page of Cups

The page of cups has been turning up like crazy lately - different people, different times, different spins and circumstances. Our Page is trying to get something through! Here is today's take on the card. 

Page of Cups: "Dealing with old demons" (Diane Morgan)....

"The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubborn, persistent illusion" 
- Albert Einstein

Remember yesterday's quote from Richard Bach? Only you can control what effect and how much effect the past has on you today.

Turn that around for a minute...if you want to make a change, the result you want already exists in one future path or another. To improve your chances of success, try to do things so you don't dissappoint that already-successful future-you.

Harry Potter is a good example, for those of you who saw the movie "The Prisoner of Azekaban". He stepped out and sent his patronus to protect his hours-ago self and Sirius. He knew he could do it because he already had. 

If you feel discouraged, don't give up, just remember, you can do this...because somewhere out there in the big old time-space continuum, you already have.

I love this idea - but it isn't mine.  Please read Richard Bach's "One" for more inspiration! Let me know if you are interested in other reading suggestions like this one.

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