23 May 2012

Watcher Redemption

Some call it 'the watcher'

Eckert Tolle describes it as the "I" when he thought "I can't stand myself anymore"

Richard Bach describes a time where there was a mental flight instructor of sorts ticking off good things and bad things he did handling an emergency landing.

Wayne Dyer alludes to this part of ourselves when he says "Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul" (via www.brainyquote.com)

Be it the "watcher", our soul, our higher self...however you think of it, that part of ourselves is often our own harshest critic.

At least I'm that way, pretty often. Ate a bunch of Ben & Jerry's and potato chips on Monday. Have been spending more time than I thought it would take on some paperwork. Today I've had ham and broccoli for lunch, walked 3 miles and a brainwave about the paperwork.

My watcher is doling out a little redemption at the moment. 

May you and your watcher have a supportive, productive day.

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