31 May 2012

Three card reading about career change

Q. With the changes in the economy, I've taken my career in a new direction. It is a little un-nerving to start something new at my age. Am I headed in the right direction?

A. I've been working with my mentor, and re-reading some of her writing...I feel drawn to approaching this like a 'yes/no' reading, amped up a little bit. Adding a little of my own spin to her card lay-out, let's approach it like this. Three stacks of cards (like we've done before), but with the left stack being the main yes/no indicator, middle stack is cautions, things to watch out for, the right stack things you are doing particularly well or working in your favor. Ace is yes, no ace is no (easy enough, right?)

Things in your favor - ACE of swords

Cautions - Judgement

yes/no ACE of wands

The ace of swords is associated with the element of air, and the sword on the rider-waite deck is straight up. "Up" is a strong energy and concept around this card. Ted Andrews reads this a "Unique new rhythms of success" in his Animal Wise Tarot (www.dragonhawkpublishing.com). I think this speaks of two basic reassurances...that your new path is on the UPswing, and holds a very positive energy right now. I understand from my Mentor Joy (www.psychicjoystar.com) that the astrology right now is powerful and positive as well, which crosses right into the second point...good timing. Your natural rhythm is spot-on for switching...I 'hear' "good timing".

I picked up the "Animal Wise" cards since you've liked them before. In this deck, Judgement is associated with whales, who can dive to incredible depths, so it is read as "new depths of creativity". Does your new career use your creativity more than in the past? Often creative work is more free-form and less structured than more traditional, didactic jobs. The are also more insecure in a lot of ways. The caution here is in second guessing yourself. The first-impulse feeling I got from the card was "trust your judgment". I've heard self-employment is a big trend, and it feels like being "on a trapeze without a net"...but it is also a big opportunity to learn, and one of the big lessons is to hone your judgement, and to trust your judgement.

Finally...drum roll please...ACE of wands, so yes, you are on a good path with this choice. It is 'frog' read as "fertility and new beginnings"...perfect for what you are doing, and encouragement for your new beginning. The from on the photo is bright green...green is, remember, associated with growth, healing, and to some degree wealth. (not everyone uses green money...but there are traditional reasons, I suppose, that we chose that as the color of our currency...green, growing, is a good thing to associate with it anyway)

Like they say, it's all good. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work!

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