22 April 2012

Random Rant for Earth Day

Just to warn you: I'm starting a new type of post. Every now and again, on the weekends primarily, I'll be posting some off topic posts...not too far off the beaten path, but not exactly, psychic, tarot or spiritual topics either. It's all about balance. Like Freud said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"...so these "Random Rants" will let me give my left brain a chance to talk too. It will balance some of the "modern" with the "oracle". The title of the posts will always say "Random Rant" so you know what's coming and take the side trip too...or not. But even if you don't want to go exploring, please check back on Monday when it is back to psychic tarot business as usual.

For Earth Day: Just One Thing

As I write this, it's Earth Day. Yeah, I'm a tree hugging greenie. From the right-brain perspective, it is spiritually satisfying and truthful, honest, compassionate - all that. The natural world is our home, and we are one with it. Earth and the environment IS us...not a separate thing to be ruined like a spoiled child with paper toy.

From the left-brain perspective, it just makes logical, scientific sense to be environmentalist. It saves money. The earth isn't making more fossils fuels. It WILL run out. Then what are we going to do?

Get Darwinian, hopefully. Adapt. Adapt NOW.
What if you are just one person in a world controlled by oil barons? What if you can't  convince the billions of your fellow humans  to see thing s your way.
One thing.

If everyone just did ONE thing differently between now and next Earth Day, there would be some degree of impact. If you already are a deep, emerald green...see if you can learn and do one more. If you drive a HumVee, use disposable everything and club baby seals as a hobby...if you do one thing to be more environmentally friendly, in time we'll all make progress.

Here is a list of the things we do at our house. I double-dog-dare you to pick any one of them and do the same.  If you are already doing all of this, then I triple-dog-dare you to find something new and add to the list:

  • If our township takes it for recycling, we recycle it - cans, glass, paperboard, cardboard, plastics marked 1 through 7. Many businesses will take CFL bulbs for recycling, like Lowes and Home Depot, etc.
  • We use re-usable cloth shopping bags every trip to the grocery store. I even repair them instead of get new ones of those...have been using the same ones for years (with an occasional trip through the washer of course)
  • We use worm-castings instead of chemical plant food in the patio flower boxes
  • We commute using public transportation, and consolidate errands and trips with the car whenever we can - even though we drive a small fuel efficient.
  • As appliances need replace, we choose the most energy-star energy -efficient models that we can afford
  • weatherstripped the doors
  • made home improvements over the years as the budget allows - weather stripping, attic insulation, etc.
  • We are all CFL except one very old fixture where they won't fit
  • We all use reusable stainless steel water bottles - no bottled water
  • We take refillable mugs to coffee places that have them.

My new thing for this year? I'm going to try to find some biodegradable versions of the plastics we still use...like toothbrushes (saw a company on CNN that has combs, chopsticks, yo-yos even drumsticks all made from biodegradable, plant-based plastics) and/or buy more bulk foods to reduce the amount of packaging we use 
It's not a big deal. Pretty trivial seeming stuff that has a not-so-trivial effect in the long run
So, now that you've had a minute to think about it, what is your one, little, no big deal thing are you going to do?

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