17 April 2012

Q&A: What do these cards mean?

Q.  I wanted to know if I am generally on the right path, so I drew three Tarot cards with no question in mind. I just wanted to be open to any message they would give me. I admit I am very interesting in a guy named A*****. He (is having a difficult time...redacted for privacy) I got the Moon, Justice and The High Priestess in that order. What does this mean? Could it have something to do with A***** and I?

A. Having worked with you before, I know you get it about predictions. You are exactly right in the way you approached your question and the way you are keeping an open mind is excellent! That always gives the best reading. 

You didn't say what card spread (how the cards are placed on the table) you were using. Each position in the layout has a symbolic meaning, in addition to the symbolism of the card itself. Without knowing that, we are missing some good context-clues about what the message might be for you.

Before looking at the individual cards, anyway, it helps to look at the general pattern, and the obvious thing here is that all three cards are from the major arcana portion of the deck. This can be a hint that there are big lessons, big changes or big energy of some kind moving through life for you. You might be on the edge of an adventure, if not literally, then mentally and emotionally.

When you look at cards individually, the best place to start is the card's "meaning" then add on any intuition you might get about the card. To find the meaning, a good place to start is the book or guide that came with the Tarot deck itself when you bought it. If you don't have that, there are several really good books. The best way to choose the right reference for you is simply browse through them whenever you get a chance, and see which one "speaks" to you or seems to really seem to be the most on target for how you see the world. 

I never quite found the perfect book, that's why I'm writing the "modern oracle" books I told you about...the one telling how to do readings for yourself and the other with my take on the card meanings.  It seems like there are no in-between books for people learning to read cards...either they are too basic (like the ones that often come with card decks) and more advanced books, like the "Animal Wise Tarot" by Ted Andrews that I've been using lately (I'm pretty sure its available on www.dragonhawkpublishing.com if you are interested). ANYWAY....

(The following sections have been edited to protect privacy...what you see is a generalized version)

The moon has to do with spiritual journeys, internal learning, intuition...that sort of thing. Basically that means that no matter how things turn out for you and A*****, in the long run it will prove to be an important lesson. You will learn and grow just from the experience of this time.

At first glimpse, you might think "justice" is that law-and-order, book 'em danno kind of justice. At the heart of it, it really is more about wisdom. This is both an advice and a validation kind of message. Use your wisdom with A*****. If you are steady, supportive, loving, compassionate and wise toward him during all this, he'll notice. This card underscores that positive loving feeling from earlier. It feels like he is giving his soul-level or etheric-level permission for me to tell you that. More than just advice, there is a reassurance here that you have what it takes...you really do have the wisdom and patience to be there for him in the way he needs right now.

The High Priestess is "mystery". I don't think that traditional meaning applies here, not directly. It is more a reminder of discretion as the better part of valor...it is a reminder that not all love is "out there". You don't have to tell all of your friends or announce yourselves from the rooftops. I think this card is asking you to let things unfold naturally, don't push, and give yourselves the time and privacy he (and maybe you too) might need for good things to happen. 

I usually wrap things up with any general intuitive feelings or impressions that come through, whether they are related to the cards or not. Since the reading is originally yours, I'm not getting anything in that respect. What I suggest is that you pull those cards again, and just look at them quietly, then do an inventory of what you feel. Are there any mental images, words, sounds, sensations, memories...anything...that comes to mind to give you any additional clues to what the reading's message for you might be.

That's all I can help with at this point...to carry the reading any further is up to you. Given the amount of time that has elapsed between the reading and now, what I would suggest is a "one card daily meditation" type of reading for you...

Pull another card, but this time keep you and A***** clearly in mind, but stay open. Let it show you whatever you need to know with regard to the two of you. Look up the meaning of the card in a few places, then try the restful meditation/review of feelings that we just talked about.

Good luck and best wishes to both of you!




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