06 April 2012

The Magic in Everyone

"I delight in the possibility of magic that exists in all of us."  ~Debora Geary

No wonder she writes such good books, and shares her delight with the rest of us. The magic in all of us really exists.

What we do with that magic is going to be wildly different from person to person. Everyone does something different with their inner magic. Some even extinguish it. But thankfully, that isn't what most people do. For the majority of us, it is more a matter of ignoring it or temporarily misplacing it at the worst.

Remember how we were talking about finding your inner awesomeness? Magic is the same thing. It isn't some supernatural fiction. Magic isn't some fantastical power outside ourselves...it is the spark of life within us...Magic IS ourselves.

Just like the "power" in the "Modern Witch" series, our inner magic is a normal, naturally occurring thing. The magic, the witch-ness, comes from connecting with it.

The normal, natural power we have is simple human creativity and intellect. It is about creativity and inner transformations. The Magician, the ace of Coins, the three of coins, and many other cards allude to just this. Through simple human qualities like co-operation, compassion, creativity, effort, learning (and many others) we can transform the literal world around us. The method may seem mundane, but the magic is no less transformative. We might not "port" it there like Aervyn, but putting a hot meal in a car and driving it to an elderly shut-in is just as magical.

Every witch and wizard seems to have a strong suite. We see this in all sorts of magical fiction: Professor Snape excells at potions, Hermione is a genius with charms, Lauren is a mind witch and Aervyn is good at everything.

Looking at it from this angle, we find another word for magic...talent. The new Disney fairies hint at this too.  Whether you are a mind witch or a tinker fairy, we all have something we are kind of good at, or that comes easily for us. Here is a bit of magic for you...the stuff we are good at is usually the same stuff that makes us happy. It is almost as if the  elemental powers and the natural order of the universe is designed at a fundamental level for us to find happiness. Finding happiness is a powerful magic indeed.

Like Harry's first snitch, and the crystal ball handed down through Moira's family little things can lead to big magic. Blowing bubbles with the kids, taking a few extra minutes to make your spouse's favorite evening meal, holding a door open, a smile...all these and more...are little things that lead to big magic. You can do things like this. YOU have magic inside.

One "spell" for that happiness is find the thing that makes you that way in your own eyes, and chances are it will make you seem magic to others too. Find your awesome and you will find your magic. Find the awesome in others, and you will see some of your magic reflected back to you.

Wishing you a magical day.


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