06 March 2012


The very best use of Tarot and Psychic readings is to spark an idea.

Predictions are impossible, and even if they were in any way reliable, it would be counter productive. I want to empower people to make good choices, and to solve problems creatively...not trap them in a quagmire of fate.

Remember those flint and metal spark lighters from high school science class? Psychic readings and intuitive tools (tarot, palm line, runes, etc.) are like one of those. And like a can of non-stick spray. And like a rock.

If you need an idea, and just haven't been able to come up with what you need, a reading can help spark the new idea.

If you are stressed, or overwhelmed, or 'stuck' in a negative mental place, it is like a spritz of non-stick spray to help things flow, and to help ease difficult changes or transitions.

If two minor things seem equal or "six of one / half dozen of another"...then a quick 'yes or no' kind of reading (or a 'magic 8 ball toy, or a folded paper 'fortune teller' for that matter)is like a small stone that can tip the balance of the decision-making scales in one direction or another.

This is the lighter side of the 7 of swords. Sure it has more profound meanings, but it can be lighter, too...like a 4th of July sparkler, or pounding on a broken machine with your fist and have it start to work.

Psychic readings are just the spark. Your own intellect and creativity is the fuel for the fire of a new idea.


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