08 March 2012

Q&A: Does my spirit guide have a message for me?

The short answer for this question is usually yes.

If spirit guides and messages and such are on your mind enough to ask the question, then my  hunch is they are using that feeling to get your attention. It is a little like the beeps on the tv when there is a weather warning...it is to get your attention before the message itself comes through.

Sometimes when I do a reading, I get a sense of 'someone' giving advice or some sort of message. Usually it is validation or reassurance. The messages that come through me are the beepy, "can I have your attention please" type or just a friendly "hello - I'm really here" type.

The language of spirit is so symbolic, and so personal sometimes it is hard to get a more specific message than that. "Spirit" and "spirit guides" speak in many, very personal ways. I like to compare it to dream interpretations. Sure, there are those general "dream dictionary" kinds of meanings that anyone can use as a start-point, but the real, specific understanding of a dream (or a spirit-guide message) comes from within ourselves. Context and past associations can have a big influence. If you think it refers to something, that is the message...not what the dream dictionary or the psychic says.

Symbolism and Synchronicity are the language of spirit. Spirit talks to us through tiny hints, subtle coincidences that are easy to miss if we aren't paying attention. When I say "spirit", I mean the widest possible definition of the concept:  crossed over loved ones, spirit guides, our "higher selves", our intuition, our imagination, the whole gambit.

Of course, talking about "spirit" as if it is a distinct thing, somehow separate or outside of ourselves is arbitrary, and a trick of language. It is part of living in a three dimensional world. The cosmos is a unified whole. For example, if we talk about last summer, we aren't talking about something separate from all time, we are just specifying a particular point in infinity. Say you want to meet a friend at a coffee shop that is at the corner of 5th Avenue and Main Street in Anytown. The coffee shop isn't separate from the city...it is still a part of good old "Anytown"...you are just using the language of street names to specify a particular place. 

The same is true of "spirit" or "spirit guides". They are part of you, you are part of them, and we are all part of the entirety of everything-that-is. But the me, them, you, us, spirit, intuition designations make it easier to understand things - just like "fifth and main" makes it easier to find your favorite cup of coffee in Anytown.

So does your spirit guide have a message for you? - yes. Can I tell you what it is? -maybe, let's see...no promises though. Can you get the message for yourself? Absolutely! 

Wishing you a day of good coffee and being in tune with the spirit side of life.

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