28 March 2012

Ne-muh ne-muh nemesis

The Devil card turned up today. That's one of those big ooogie-booogie scary dark looking tarot cards...you expect to write something big and profound about it like "facing a nemesis holds a mirror up to your soul". Which is true...facing your fears will teach you things about yourself that you can't learn any other way.

What you don't expect is to have a song from a children's cartoon to go through your mind the whole time you are trying to be profound. (Phineas and Ferb to be exact...one of my favorite shows, intended for kids or not...Dr. Doofensmirtz cracks me up...oooo my ne-muh ne-muh, oooo my ne-muh nemesis...)

It also reminds me of Harry Potter. Boggarts and Dementors show them their deepest fears...but it is laughter (Redikulus!) and happy thoughts  (Expecto Patronum!) that repel the threat.

It is an odd juxtaposition, but that is how intuition works...connecting dots that don't always logically go together.

Put the two together and here is what I get from it...

Like President Roosevelt said, "we have nothing to fear but fear itself"
Laughter is good medicine
Facing our fears, facing our ne-muh ne-mu nemesis show us exactly what we are made of...which is bad if we are overcome by the fear of it, but good if we go all doofensmirtz/redikulus on it in order to learn and grow from it.
Wishing you all a day of good humor. May laughter dispel the darkness.

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