22 February 2012

Today's Tarot - 9 of coins: Truth Inside and Out

People have debated what is truth for as long as there have been people.

One meaning for the 9 of coins is "truth". It is a big concept for anyone, and big symbolism for any card. I've always wondered why it was associated with a minor arcana card instead of being assigned to a major arcana card. In some interpretation systems, maybe it is. 

But after I think about it, it seems more appropriate to have "truth" be in the minor arcana. Too often we give the source of  Truth over to other sources, and our personal power right along with it. We think of truth as being only in thoughts and things outside of ourselves. The truth outside of us is only half of the story. We are part of the whole of the universe. We are part of the all-that-is...so we are part of the truths that are "out there". As part of it, we have the ability to recognize truth as reliably and easily as we recognize ourselves in a mirror. Recognizing your inner knowing and honoring your ability to know truth is liberating.

Truth doesn't have to come from a major arcana card. It doesn't have to come from any card, any philosophy,  or any position of authority at all. The greatest truths are the ones we experience for ourselves.

9 of Coins: Truth isn't just outside of you - it is a part of you. Recognizing truth is as easy and reliable as recognizing yourself in the mirror.

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