11 February 2012

I'm Glad You Were Born

It's not often you get real insight watching the news, but it can happen.

I'm a fan of the Rachel Maddow Show - no secret about that.

What I saw on a recent broadcast was even more heartening than usual. It reminded me a little bit of the 3 of Cups tarot card.

There was a clip from the conservative CPAC or some such thing where a man essentially said he wished Dr. Maddow had never been born. His face was hard and his voice dripping with hate and bigotry, obviously making no attempt to even be civil. 

I'm sorry that I forget the name of the lady who followed that clip. Her response was perfect. She told Dr. Maddow "I'm glad you were born."

Even outside of the context of the situation, what a beautiful, compassionate wonderful thing to say! What a lovely, succinct celebration of life and our fellow man! Born not of religion, or doctrine or political policy...it was a spontaneous remark, meeting hatred with happiness. 

It put the whole news cycle into perspective. Instead of hating, and whining, and wanting special privileges for a certain point of view, why can't we just be glad we, and each, other was born? At least we are here to have the argument. Better still, we are here to get past it.

I'm glad you were born,

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