27 February 2012

How to spot your soulmate

Q. How do I know my soulmate when I see them?

A. It sounds simple at first, but this is really a complex and kind of deep question. My answer is just as cryptic...look with your heart, not your eyes.

On the surface, the idea of "seeing" your Soulmate seems to look at superficial things...and superficial nonsense predictions. It reminds of that old cliche of a storefront gypsy "psychic" staring at a crystal ball and pronouncing in a dramatic accent that you will meet a "tall, dark handsome stranger"

Soulmates aren't about appearances any more than psychic readings are about predictions.

Soulmate relationships are about love, compassion, closeness, the weaving together of two whole, complete people who are fulfilled on their own...but who are lifted to something better by being together. Soulmates are symbiotic...the two together are greater than the sum of their parts. 

A soulmate doesn't comlete you...they aren't like a lung you were missing. Instead, a soulmate fits your life and your heart like air fits in your lungs, and are just as essential. 

How do you spot your soulmate? How do you know your soulmate when you see them? When you look with your heart and see love.

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