02 January 2012

Tarot "Predictions" 2012

Remember those 'fortune tellers' that kids fold out of paper? That's about the level this is at...just tongue in cheek fun...on one hand. On the other, if we collectively stop and think, if we collectively choose more wisely, then together we can create a better future, no matter what psychics "predict" here at the new year. Yet it is a fun game we all play at this time of year.

As you know from the lack of posts lately, I've been on blogcation from cyberspace. I haven't read any of my favorite blogs or other yearly predictions. I did see a tweet from one of my favorite mediums and astrologers....Joy Star....that she has posted her predictions with a particular eye toward numerology and astrology. Numerology and astrology are not my strong points, so if you are any smidge interested in those things please feel free to check out  www.psychicjoystar.wordpress.com
For me, its all tarot. What I'll do is what I call my "four seasons" reading. Each of 4 cards represents each of the upcoming four seasons to give a look ahead at the coming year. It can start at any time of year...it doesn't have to be at New Years.

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Now that the business is done, back to the fun. This reading with be done with the idea that it will apply globally, but keep in mind I'm an east coast American, so I probably will be a bit more dialed into the path and energy here in the U.S.A. But keeping as wide of a focus as possible, as I shuffled the cards, the question in mind was "show me truth for 2012".

Being at the beginning of winter, the first card will relate to winter...now through roughly mid-March or early April. The winter card is the 9 of wands. This has to do with acceptance. I always remind everyone when this card turns up, that there is a difference between "acceptance" and "acquiescence". It is the difference between taking a pragmatic, realistic approach to what is happening and giving up, giving in, blaming others and hiding from the truth.

Wands have to do with our inner, individual journey and personal growth.

When I apply the 9 of wands to a general, collective look...my mind is drawn immediately to American politics...to politics of any democracy.  Wands is internal, individual...the nine is accepting the reality of things-as-they-are. The message here is for each individual to trust their own evaluation of reality, of things as they are here and now...DISREGARDING THE PROPAGANDA AND "MAINSTREAM PARTY LINE".  Trust your own evaluation of the situation, accept it is what it is, not necessarily what you want it to be...and then act and vote accordingly.

Here is where my personal bias shines bright...Republicans have been lying through their teeth and out their backside...look at the facts, look at the data, accept the reality of things as they actually have happened over the past 10-12 years. See and accept reality...not the story and spin. Whether it matches your hoped-for reality or not. In spite of any get-Obama sentiment you might have, look at the historical facts and numbers.

This card is encouraging all of us to ACCEPT THE FACTS of our situation and deal with it pragmatically in a realistic, practical sort of way over the next several months, at least.

SPRING, March through May basically has drawn the "Wheel" card. The sense I have of this card is twofold...first that things will change because of the pragmatism of the winter season....we collectively take that cold, hard look at the way things are, and begin to act, feel and believe differently because of that.  The other is the momentum caused because of that...first we 'hike up our skirts' and MAKE things better, then further change is brought about because of that initial action causing a chain-reaction of optimism. Things finally start to change for the better and we get a collective glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel...the tunnel being both the economic concerns that have been going on since 2008...and in general spirit, spiritual growth, a sort of brightening of the collective spiritual consciousness as we shake ourselves free of the propaganda and mental shackles . The phrase "THE AGE OF THE FREETHINKERS BEGINS" comes to mind. I deeply hope this is true. It is my wish that all people be free from suffering, both physical problems and mental / emotional oppression.

Summer is the Tower card. It generally means chaos, but the feeling with this card continues in the mental - internal- philosophical - perception tone set by the first wands card. I don't see it as any sort of uprising or physical chaos. My sense of it is more an upset of the old guard of thinking, rather than outright war and conflict. The idea of the occupation of Iraq finally ending, and the potential for drawdowns inAfghanistan begin to take root in the world psyche, and peace again becomes at least a viable IDEA. This throws the old-school 'war hawks' off their guard. The shift toward peaceful freethinking make those with the fundamentalist mindset feel like the world is in chaos, or even coming to an end. 2012 isn't the end of the world...it is the beginning of the end of certain ways of looking at the world.  "NEW AGE" comes to mind...not so much the 'woo woo' spirituality we know from the 70s and 80s, but a true new age, another renaissance that to some is the beginning of something wonderful...to others, it seems chaos, mayhem, disaster.

Either way, spring and summer are dynamic, energetic, full of change. The tower card reminds us that when things seem chaotic, and when we feel like we have lost our bearings in an unpredictable, changing, chaotic world...perspective is the solution. Climb the tower, get the overview...FIND THE BIG PICTURE TO FIND THE SOLUTION. This will be the lesson and tenor of the summer.

Fall is calmer...the Page of Cups. It has to do with reconciling old thoughts, with the new thoughts, and finding balance. It has to do with soothing the chaos that change has brought over the spring and summer. There is still a thread of the reality-pragmatic approach. This card has to do with "dealing with demons"...we pay for past mistakes, but that allows us to let them go and move on. Political chickens come home to roost in U.S. elections. Those who believe in the 'end of the world' notions become nostalgic, think of what they might loose....a "bucket list" mentality for some, bittersweet nostalgia for others. For the newly freed freethinkers, there is greater compassion for those on different paths. Maybe a little more unity as we move past the elections and move into the next holiday season.
Moving away from the cards to general impressions: Still politically-minded, I get the mental image of a U.S. map, no state lines, just the national outline, filling with blue from the west to mid-west, some in the northeast, but the southeast being white, not red as is usual with the news graphics. When I look at that white, southeast region I get the words "empty" "crumbling" "old".

I see buttercups...and feel it is related to spring. Yellow, golden tones...often associated with wealth and money luck, but flowers may have more to do with spiritual renewal than physical wealth.
There is a feeling of quiet strength. Growing calm after the summer. Calm knowing, with a tinge of "I told you so".

I can't say for sure, but when I turn my mind to the natural world...it feels quiet. There is a sense of waiting and listening, as if Earth is waiting to see if we will act to heal, or continue to be mindlessly destructive. It is my wish that we all act to be ecologically responsible....green green greenie green green...it is the path to life for Nature and humans alike.  As the children who have been raised to be more ecologically aware over the past decade or so come of age, ecological protection, renewable energy, green jobs becomes easier, more natural, presumed, matter of course...not the hair tearing debate that some have made it out to be in the past....again that idea of the old guard falling into chaos, while a calmer, more pragmatic, truth-seeing, spiritual (not dogmatic or religious) generation comes forward.
It is the end of the world...for those who hate. May it be so.

Feels like a quiet year externally...with much energy internally, with change and chaos in the individual and the collective psyche more than anything.
Was watching the Rose parade earlier I think their theme captures the tone and direction of 2012 perfectly...Imagine.

What we imagine, hope and work for can be made manifest, if we stay focused on our better and compassionate nature.  That is where the "zone" will be.  Those that hold on to the past, embrace divisive, or bigoted ideas are in for a rough year, with questioning and doubt and chaos as old followers awaken to a new way.

Imagine a better place, and act to make it true. Deal with the old demons so they can be let go to make room for a kinder way of thinking.

May this truly be the year that the world of hate, division, bigotry, and violence comes to an end. There is a world of truth and compassion waiting to take its place.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, abundant, magical, imagination filled new year!

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