15 December 2011

2 of swords is associated with "mystical unity".

It is one of my favorite sword cards for this reason. As a whole, swords talk about outward connections...our relationship with society, our relationship with authority. The two card takes that one step further... it talks about our relationship...our deep connection to the cosmos - the "everything-ness" or the "all-that-is" of existence.

It hints to the highest levels of cosmic connection. I think that is especially relevant here at the holiday season. So many cultures have holidays of one sort or another this time of year: yule, christmas, hannuka, kwanzaa, bodhi day....to name a few. I have to think that there is something larger at play here...all these holidays point to larger ideas and feelings that transcend the individual philosophies. "Christmas"....religious or secular...or whatever holiday you celebrate...points to something greater. 

It is all about life.  The light of the human spirit transcending the darkness. It is about hope, and children, enlightenment and a celebration of all it is to be human. We celebrate each other in the face of the longest, darkest nights of the year. 

Wishing you light and love throughout the year.

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