14 October 2011

Today's Tarot - The Tower

The Tower: Chaos and change force us to look at things differently. They are the seeds of a new vision.
This card was an attention-getter, even for me. It is a nice example of what I mean when I say synchronicity is the language of spirit / intuition.

This morning, I had the TV on in the background, as always, tuned to one news station or another. While I was checking e-mail, Twitter started lighting up with reports of small scuffles with police, people being checked for work ID just to be allowed to walk down Wall Street, some arrests. Maybe I'm wrong...but these are twitter news sources that have always proven themselves to be accurate in the past. TV news was a different as it could get. Network and cable both talking about trivial things.  Intuitively speaking, it had a surreal, chaotic, Tahrir square, who-do-you-trust feel to it all.

I kind of squinted at the TV, thought something profound like "huh?" grabbed another cup of coffee and shuffled back over to the computer.

Just then I shuffled the cards to write "Today's Tarot", cut the deck right to "The Tower".  On impulse, I thought I'd use a different reference than usual. Grabbed it off the shelf and flipped it open...right exactly to "The Tower" page. I think it's a hint. This is definitely today's tarot card.

Sometimes we misjudge things. Sometimes new sources turn out to be better than the old...and we have to re-think. And there is nothing like chaos, contrast and change to prompt that re-thinking and re-choosing.

Like the old knight in "Indian Jones and the Last Crusade"... I hope we all choose wisely.



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