07 October 2011

FAQ - Why be a psychic?

Last Tuesday, I did an intuition building workshop at the Whitehall Library. It was a great group, and loads of fun. 

Most people just want to know how long I've been reading cards. It is a good question. They should ask things like that. People should be confident that a reader or intuitive teacher is right for them. If experience is what they need, then length of practice is a question they properly should ask. 
Another common question is why I started doing Tarot / intuitive work in the first place. Also a fair question, it speaks to issue of motivation and builds trust. It is a good thing to think about and a great question to ask.

The answer? Well, that takes a little explaining.

To my mind, it begs the question of why does anyone choose any career? I'm firmly in the camp of anyone-can-do-this. "Psychic" ability isn't a special gift, it is a learned skill. Linear logic is a normal, natural function of the left part of the brain. Anyone can learn to do arithmetic. Creativity and non-linear logic is a normal, natural function of the right brain. Anyone can learn to listen to their intuition. From that perspective, the process of choosing to be a tarot entertainer is no different than choosing to be an accountant.

So why not be a nice, respectable accountant instead of  an unpaid writer or fringe-element tarot reader? Because I hate detailed math, and have no talent at it. I might not like it but I could learn to do it. Able and enjoyable are two different things. I have the ABILITY be an accountant...but I also have the ability to shove flaming bamboo shards under my fingernails which would be just about as enjoyable to my mind.

AH-HA! That's why anybody chooses any career...because they like doing it. We tend to like things that come easily to us. We choose careers that have some sort of give-back, some sort of gain, otherwise, why do it? The work we do has some benefit, even if it is just a paycheck. Do you something you love and you take home more than just money. You take home happiness too.  

The same is true of "psychics". We like working with people, talking to people, helping people. We just have a knack for taking that non-verbal, non-linear right-brain symbolic, creative, associative thinking called intuition and putting it into simplified, linear, logical language. The "psychic gift" comes from putting hunches and feelings into words that other people relate to on some level. 

Not every enjoys that, just like not everyone has a knack for accounting. Or fixing cars. Or running a business. Or teaching children...or any of the other thousands of jobs we all do.

I enjoy it. It helped me in the past, and I hope intuitive work like tarot readings can help other people too. Sure, it is just "entertainment", nothing earth-shaking...but I see it as "entertainment with a heart". I think of it as a folk art form. Just like a song can lift your spirits and make you feel better, a reading can do the same thing. At the very least it is a temporary diversion from stressful times. At best, it helps you solve a problem creatively, and find a way forward that you might not have seen before. That in itself can ease stress. From that perspective, choosing to do tarot readings is a choice to help and heal...not unlike the impetus to go into the health field or work with holistic health education. 

So there's the answer to that (somewhat) frequently asked question.

Wishing you a day of doing things that you love to do.



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